More Greek …

181128p 230

181128p 232

I just had to show you these photos,
More Greek is not possible!

Περισσότερο ελληνικό δεν γινεται!


Thursday afternoon now, very stormy outside,
and showers every now and then.
Last 24 hours we had between 13.2 and 7,8C!

We have only one ferry boat serving the Sporades now,
Express Skiathos. Today she made it to Skiathos,
but was not allowed to continue out here.
She returned to Volos.
Hope she gets here tomorrow!!!

Finally I took a walk through “the black forest”
sad sight;

181128 055c181128 056c181128 058c181128 059c181128 061c181128 063c181128 066c

The fire outside of Agnondas was on the 22nd of July this year,
a day before the big, terrible fire outside of Athens.
In “our” fire only forest was destroyed!
I cant help think what if the fires was at the same time?
We had plenty of “fire-planes”, helicopters and more helping us!

The forest will grow again and in about 20 years time,
we will hardly be able to see anything!

Over to a walk through town;


and then Wednesday;

181128 091c181128 092c

I saw on FB that many photographed the lovely rainbow!
Here is mine from 2016;

161109 015c (2)

Growing now;

181128 089c181128 067c181128 043c181128 042c181128 004c
181128 054
Norwegian Smoked Salmon, bravo sou!

Some cuttings;

181128p 278181128p 277181128p 257181128p 244181128p 242181128p 240181128p 236181128p 224181128p 218181128p 216

181128 037

181128p 082

What do they talk about?
Elephant; Ha ha, you have your tits on your back!
The other (camel or dromedary?);
And you are talking with your p… in your face!!!

A small good bye photo of the PANSELLINOS;

181128 031c

Have a lovely weekend

Καλή έλευση!


161226 043 XX

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