Not published?

Just found this page, and as fare as I can see, I did not publish it,
so here it is;

Before and after Zorbas,
the big storm in October

181004p 043c
“Greek circus”
was the title on this fantastic photo,
not taken by me, but by Carl Fleet.
We could also call it “3 generations”,
on the ground the grandson Dimitraki,
in the middle his father Xristos
and on top the father/grandfather Dimitris!!!
Zorba nearly destroyed the sign on the taverna.

October has arrived so it was time for;


Sunday early evening;

181004p 009c181004p 008c

I was not out in the storm, this was Sunday
after nice music at Molos.
Molos is closed and will open again hopefully January 2019.

180929 024c180929 022c
After the storm Zorbas;

181004p 024

It seams like two different worlds, when it cleared up after the storm.

Here is a “kneler”/”kneeler”

181004p 017c181004p 020c

Arne and me was in Glossa and Loutraki to meet friend coming late with the Proteus. I was sober so why does my eyes look drunk?
Proteus was only 1 hour late, that meant midnight!

181004p 001c

This was what the storm brought me!

Here are my darlings;

180929 011c180929 026c

Food time;

180929 019c180929 006c180929 013c180929 008c

Always nice food at Molos!

180929 005c

Some cutting,
the best one first;

180929 pad 053

180929 pad 016180929 pad 036180929 pad 017180929 pad 018

The last seal is from Norway, I can remember to have seen many while I was on my summer holidays at Lyngør “hundred” of years ago!

More cuttings;


Take care and be nice!

161226 043 XX

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