God RomJul

181225 109c

What a photo of our beautiful island!!!

“RomJul” is what we in Norwegian call the time between Christmas and New Year, is it an English word for that? Greek word?

More photos of Skopelos


We had a lovely lunch on the 24th JulAften


I love Christmas but it was sad without my darling Pasxa!


Look who I met in the harbor;


They are restoring their fishingboat.
You know Ioannis from International Cafè,
alias Brown Chairs and OuzoBaren.
Nikos is the owner of the Glass Bottom Boat.

We had meals with friends, first in The Olive Grove;

and the salmon down at Anatoli.




Passed by the beautiful church of Profitis Ilias;


Some cuttings;


181218H 055

Yes, in deed!!!

171223 001 (2)13des_20

4 thoughts on “God RomJul”

  1. Veldig koselig melding med flotte bilder av flott romjulsfest! Google har ingen utenlandske ord for romjul, ikke engang svensk eller dansk. Amund fikk et fantastisk bilde av øyene våre! Godt Nytt År til dere alle.


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