Skopelos & Volos


This photo I think is fantastic!

As I wrote the other day, I love “shooting” in the fish harbor in Volos,
more on that a bit down.

Skopelos – always beautiful, always good to be back home.
Today I saw the first anemone, but mom saw some last week.
Here are some photos from the last days.

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I love my wood-fire, but do not like the short lasting pipes;


Over to Volos;

“Volos (Greek: Βόλος) is a coastal port city in Thessaly situated midway on the Greek mainland, about 330 kilometres (205 miles) north of Athens and 220 kilometres (137 miles) south of Thessaloniki. It is the capital of the Magnesia regional unit. Volos is the only outlet to the sea from Thessaly, the country’s largest agricultural region. With a population of 144,449 (2011), it is an important industrial centre, while its port provides a bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia.”

2 great Volos photos by my friend;

190121 009190121 010

More from the fishing harbor;

I always wonder why Volos has so many red kaiikis?
They give the extra touch to the photos.
If I had been a bit earlier they were selling lots of fresh fish.

Some cuttings;

190123 014 (2)

Bravo Skyros!


Here are some famous, long gone Greeks and more;

190123ts190123 005190123 027

190123 021 (2)

190123 006

I will try to translate again, I get it clearly in my head,
but more difficult to
write it down,
– it is my every day Greek lesson!

190123 025 (2)

“Do not do second good to people who did not appreciate
the first one, because they get more donkey than they were.”

190123 004

“Our aim in this world is to help all.
And if we do not manage to help them,
at least do not hurt them.”

190123 001

“Teach your children that to be poor in the pocket,
is no shame …
Shame is to be poor in the soul.”


Have a lovely rest of the week and the weekend,
“Johnny be good …”

161226 043 XX

2 thoughts on “Skopelos & Volos”

  1. Alltid hyggelige bilder Nana. Gleder meg å komme tilbake til Skopelos og Soula og Kostas i juni🌹❤️


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