Black forest?

Outside Agnondas, at Amarondas, we had a big forest fire on the 22nd of July, so sad, BUT nobody died and the forest will be back one day! I have said it before and say it again, we were so lucky, there was no other fires in Greece that day, so we got all the help we needed. Thanks a lot!
The next day started the TERRIBLE FIRE outside of Athens where many people lost their life and so much was destroyed! I cant help thinking, what if our “small” forest fire had occurred one day later!
They say our island is protected by the patron saint Agios Reginos!!!

The forest is not all black any more,
look there is greens growing up in between;

The good is on my walk I can also look at this;

It is still a lovely walk who takes about one hour,
Ira and me did not meet a soul, just saw and heard some birds.

From another walk;



I still go for Sunday lunches, but this was Friday night,
where we had great music too, and great KEFI!!!

190128 124c

What a great evening, I was home just before 4 o’clock!!!

Amazing, I did not think it was alive when I saw it;


The weather has been very up and down,
but every now and then the sun is out,
and we all smile ;o)

I do enjoy the gray weather too;


Mikri is my oldest cat, she comes to eat,
but is not very friendly,
she accepts 3 strokes on her back, not more!
I have no idea where she lives.
She does not socialize with the other cats at all.

Some cuttings;

Great Norwegian book coming in Greek;


Good luck with the book!


190128 123

190128p 007190128p 012

190128p 014
Nice car …

190128p 016

Bravo Rafa!


“Life is good!!”
“It is enough to know that each day is unique!!”
“Good day!!”

190128f 008

“Do not be afraid of the loneliness.
The sun is alone and is shines …”

190128p 007


190128 080

“It does not matter how big your house is,
but how much joy is in it.”

I can not guarantee that my translations are perfect …
Nobody is perfect …

Have a lovely rest of the week,
and smile to the world!


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