Flowers & animals


Rain, rain …
but lovely flowers

But first the biggest, I think, tragedy here now
up at Milos/Kastro erea;

190208 044190208 048

It is now closed up.
Bigger danger day by day, since we have so much rain.


Time for more spring flowers;

Do you know what the last one to the right is?
It is same as this,
“dog bisques” we used to call them, but why?


Talking about dogs, here are one of my favorite photos;

190208 002c

Anyway, it is not boring at home, small kitten Ella
keeps us all busy;

190208 124cmde

Yesterday the house was surrounded;


All the kids are so cute!

I do not mind walking in the rain,
I “dress up” for it,
but it is nicer at home in front of the fire!

My morning view has mostly been like this,
or just fog;


I make the pancakes with half of dark flour,
works fine, with blueberry jam, nam nam!

I am reading Zorba the Greek again, and I love so much in there,
here is the start of chapter 2


I will try a translation;
“The sea, the mild autumn breeze,
islands bathing in the rain fog,
who puts its cover over Greece’s
immortal, naked coasts.
I thought that those can praise themselves happily,
who have travelled over the Aegean before death.”

Some cuttings that fascinates me;

190208 019190208 021
Over to snow (we can see Pelion from the other side of Skopelos) ;

190208 026190208 024

“The Serbian-built Saint Peter Orthodox chapel on the top Kajmakčalan.”

“Palios Agios Athanasios or Kaimaktsalan is a traditional mountainous village with stone built houses with tiles, built according to the local Macedonian architecture. The ski centre transformed the village into a cosmopolitan winter resort and is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Greece, with impressive restored houses turned into luxury hotels, traditional guesthouses and pensions, shops, restaurants and nightclubs.”

It is on the border with FYROM/New Makedonia.

More cuttings, look at this amazing orange grove;

190208 068190208 030190208 015190208 010190208 008190208 007190208 001

Think this is on Limnos.

And more animals;


So true, so true!


Last cut is from Santorini, where they have stopped the poor donkeys walking tourists up and down the hill to the town,bravo sas!

Have a wonderful weekend,
and try to give more smiles!

161226 043 XX


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