11th of Feb. – I think this is all the Norwegians on the island,
Kjell & Frode, Mom and me, and we had a great
lunch for Mom on her big day.
Thanks to good friends we had more or less
a full Norwegian meal with the special;

Rakfisk (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈrɑːkfɪsk]) Norwegian fish dish made from trout or sometimes char, salted and fermented for two to three months, or even up to a year, then eaten without cooking.

Just wonderful!!!

A good week ago we were out picking garbage
on the road out of town, close to Agios Reginos;

190204 134

How come we were only girls?

Leslie and me went to Karidia to see some friends, have some food, wine
entertaining and dance, very good!


Very blue light, due to the “look-through-ceiling”.

καβούρι – crab

καβούρας – crabs

δύστροπος άνθρωπος – crab meat

Wait a moment Google, the last line?
“anthropos” means a person not meat!!!
But it could be a crappy person!!!


Sorry I can not get rid of this table over here!!!

Walking up behind The Skopelos Village and Sunrise,
on “The Monastery Hill” as I call it;


I think the name of this small church is Profitis Ilias.

Well down by the sea, I heard a kind of snoring coming from the sea,
but all I saw was this;


Later when I left moms, people was photographing a big seal,
but by the time I was ready to “shoot”
it disappeared!


Flowers and nature from my walks and my garden;

Animals, wonder what the big bird is;


Bus and bed;


Finally time for cuttings;

190204 005190204 059 (2)190208 071190208 073190208 077190208 078190211 025190211 034190208 064

I look at all from Skyros since I go there soon
for the “Apokreas” / karnavalli,
with LILLEPUT!!!

Have a good time,
and remember to smile a lot ;o)

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