Apokreas has started

1902 Apo top
Apokreas, Apokries, Karnavalli, Carnival —

We were as usuall at Karidia Sunday lunch and this is what I saw;

Mostly the children started this 1st of 3 Sundays of the APOKREAS!


BUT what happened in Skyros;

190220 101

I am going there soon!!!

What does it mean and what is Apokreas or Apokries?
The word Αποκριά or Απόκρεω (Apokria) literally means ‘without meat’ and the word carnival comes from the Latin ‘carnem levare’ meaning ‘without meat’.

“Apokries in Greece is a special time filled with fun, laughter, and of course food. The tradition of Apokries started so that the Christian people could celebrate and indulge before the great 40 day Lent of Easter.

A celebration that we must note, is the Psihosavata (Ψυχοσάββατα which means the Saturdays for the souls). They are the days that the Orthodox Church and every Orthodox Greek remember their dead. Psihosavata are the last two Saturdays of Apokries and the first Saturday of the Great Lent.

After the last Sunday of Apokries, is the first day of lent. The day is called “Καθαρή Δευτέρα” which literally means “Clean Monday“. ”    http://www.ilearngreek.com/greek_traditions/apokries.asp


Over to the last days;


What is this boat? MarineTrafic told me;

That’s all I found out!

First time I ever have been having lunch in February in Agnondas;


“My” lion who I see all the time, is over my question,
the hillside, you see the light in his eye???
He rests his body on the sea!

The end ;o)

1902 Apo top

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