Bad weather?


Icerose on my window!

Sunday afternoon now, stormy outside, best to be inside!

Friday was like this:


Ira and I walked an Agnondas round, had a shrimp-saganaki, one glass of white wine and enjoyed the lovely place. 8 other guests.

This is the magic of the Greek winters, many times lovely days like summer shows up, – that makes the winter to seam shorter.

On the way home I started to get a rash, really itshing, by the time I get home it was so bad that I had to go to our «public» Health Centre. The doc took me so serious, got help from the head doc. It was a kind of allergia. They gave me an injection and a pill, and I had to lay down for an hour in order to see that the medicine helped. And it did. Thanks a lof for excelent service, free of charge.

Saturday in town by Platanos souvlaki:


Here comes Pekki boy who loves my fire:


We visit mom every day, in this weather she is not allowed to go for a walk. Ira and I take Agapi out.

I do not go for my Sunday music lunch, better to try to keep my home warm. It has been down to +1 but now it is +3,1C. Inside I have now 20, thanks to my woodfire and the central heathing.

Monday 25th is holiday here, Agios Reginos, our patron saint, se more at

All the best from Skopelos where the sun will come back!

❣️🇬🇷❣️ Have a lovely week and be kind ❣️❄️❣️

Two animal cuttings;




2 thoughts on “Bad weather?”

  1. Godt at våren er i ferd med å komme til dere også. Her har vi +8 grader og mer i solen . Krokusene er i ferd med å vise farge og sneklokkene er fullt utsprungne. Vi gleder oss til mer vår og sommer ! Mase hilsener til Kate og deg og hundene fra Karin og Carsten

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