Ship wreck in Panormos


The Christoforos shipwreck in Panormos, – more reading a bit down here.

I came to live in Skopelos 1983. One day we were in Blo, the safe bay by Panormos, and a wooden fraight boat was going to be sunk! We were shocked, what to do?
We were allowed to take some suvenirs, the lamp over my door is from that wreck:


Onboard they told us that we could have the boat for free, but it would have costed lots of money to restore it. So they took it out of Ble and sunk it. So sad. It looked something like this one:


Here is the story of Christoforos – top photo here;

«After the redefinition of the In-water Archaeological Site at Panormos bay in Skopelos island, one of the best preserved shipwrecks at the N.Sporades complex -that of “CHRISTOFOROS”- is now accessible for diving. The wreck an 83m long cargo ship- is laying at the sandy seabed of Panormos bay at a depth of 40m approx.

Skopelos Dive Center tracked the story of that vessel from its construction to its sinking so you can follow it at For a full immersion on it check-in at Skopelos Dive Center..

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In October 1983 the ship had to travel from Volos to Piraeus with a cargo of 2,600 tons of cement. The change of weather in the route was accompanied by a 7 degrees tilt to the right. Upon consultation of the captain and the owners with the Ministry of Merchant Shipping, the ship was taken to Panormos in Skopelos for the purpose of his rescue. The mooring of the ship was not possible and so it was decided to abandon it. Almost 35 years later, the shipwreck of “Christoforos” remains upright on the seabed of Panormos on the island of Skopelos. The depth at the crest exceeds 40 meters.

Christopher, a truck of “black diamonds”
Since 1852 (the year of construction of the first metal steamer with a propeller and water ballast) until the 1930s (the “flat-iron” type trucks with retractable furnace and telescopic masts were established) and after the Second World War the “black diamonds” that are precious for the growing industry have been moved against their river bridges, under their low bridges and on new waterways. The development of shipbuilding thus led to a new type of ship for the handling of coal, the “collier”.
The cargo ship “Christopher”, formerly “Thomas Hardie”, is a typical example of a collier.

Date of cargo ship “Christoforos”
In January 1950, the truck “Thomas Hardie” (length 85 m and width of about 13 m) was built in Scotland (Grangemouth Shipyard), then from 1968 to 1975 he traveled under the name of “Birling” 1976 was registered with the Greek merchant fleet named “Christoforos”.

Amazing, I think, to get the story of this boat! I wish I could see it, but diving gives me claustrofobia!

«The term claustrophobia comes from Latin claustrum “a shut in place” and Greek φόβος, phóbos, “fear”.» from

Have a wonderful day, and try to be nice!

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