What a big trip, this was Tuesday the 5th;

VOLOS from Aegli Hotel
Dirfi on Evia
Kimi and «my» boat to Skyros
All from Kimi


Linaria on Skyros in sight!

The travel was long, took me nearly 6 hours Volso-Kimi, on E75, me and my Hyundai i10 felt very small, we are just used to drive quiet roads on Skopelos. Kimi was nice but even niceer was the boat trip. I saw Skopelos fare away.

At Antegoni I was very well received and got a nice but a bit cold appartment. Walked up to town, very quiet there. Had a small dinner in a place with only men and went early home.

Skyros Tuesday night:


Wednesday started lightly clouded but ended SUNNY;


Sea on  both sides, so this is Skyros on the smallest. The beach is Kalamitsa.

Next stop was Linaria for a small lunch:


Tomorrow Lilleputs group will come, I am ready! We will have fun this weekend with the fantastic Skyros Apokreas – karnavalli !

Have a wonderful time, you too!


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