One of the most fascinating events for me, was to see these Gieros running up and down! I saw it last year, but I enjoyed it even more this year! I have read a book about them, learned  much more. – I tell you one day!
Saturday night they were still running …
The streets full of people. what a sight!

Here are more photos from this beautiful island,
it is 209 km², – Skopelos is 96.

First day with the Norwegian group of Lilleput we took a bus trip around the north, very green part of the island.
We ended up at Mouries where I had a surprise for my group,
we were interdused to

Manolis, the owner of the taverna , has a farm
“Skyriana Alogakia” – Small Skyros Hourses.
Take a look at or
FaceBook mouries farm-skyrian horse conservation centre

The beautiful small horses was nearly instinct,
but now they slowly growing, due to Manolis,
his staff and lots of volunteers.
You can go if you like, stay in telt,
take care of the horses and eat at the taverna!

While we were there a new horse was born,
we were amongst the first to know.
Of course we donated some money.
One can even adopt a horse!!!


At Antigoni we were very good looked after, and all the studios/apartments had sea view. So good because I am spoiled!

Flower time;
Skyros is south of Skopelos, so the flowers were much more out;


I can not remember that I have seen this on Skopelos,
in Skyros fields were full of them.


I left a bit of my heart in Skopelos;

“Mommy, how can you leave me?”
These eyes followed me. but …

We are happy together now!


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