Vrahos Loutraki & …

Georgios, the owner (cousin of my very good friend Debbie),
Silje, me and Mamma.
Nice new friend Tina from Canada took the photo.

We had a very good lunch, staring with



Then Georgios suggested this;

Very, very nice, – and me who does not like potatoes, loved these ones!


A very nice place by the sea!
Take right when getting down to Loutraki,
or left coming from the harbor.
You find it on FaceBook

On the way we had to stop by;


The other day is was unusual strong colors out here;



“Kåtsika” / Judastree in front.

Just have to give you some flowers from the nature now;

A sign on a car


It must mean that the owner is dealing with wild bees!

A vise word for you cut from my new friend Tove in Volos

20190406 016

Have a lovely week and give a smile to one who needs it!

180226 201

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