The eggs 2019



I love it every year, to see the eggs change! And every year I learn something new:

nfdA friend brought a magic pen!


We were a nice mix of Scotish, Canadian, Israel, Italia, America & Norwegian making the eggs, – the Greek came late!

I am not so happy about this :

davTrying to get my nails clean ! !

And I am very unhappy with Vodafon, my new ruter is not working, and I can promised you that I have been calling 1399 for hours, and they pass me on and on … Some has promised to call me back, one did but then I was down town!

Anyway I have my phone so I can publish this.

Early morning now and a fantastic program on ANT1

cofWhis you all the best for the rest of the Easter!

Here you see Ira too, she is doing well, her eye is saved, we think it must have been damaged by Ella, the kitten! They play a lot together. Ira is a very good girl taking har medisinens.

rpt🐣🐤🐣 Κάλο Πάσχα 🐣🐤🐣

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