2 thoughts on “SKOPELITISSA.NET”

  1. Thank you very much for a very informative, personal and interesting posts. We visited Skopelos for the first time for a week in June last year. We liked it so much that we are coming back 1. June this year. This time for 2 weeks. Your posts during the last year have told us so much about the life on Skopelos that we feel we have been there. During the week we were all over the island and can imagine the plages and your small stories. We remember some of the people on your pictures. We stayed in Soula House and remember Kostas. We met your mother in Soula House and also the brothers at the International Cafe. We look forward to come back ti Soula House. Thank you very much again for a good «blog» Best regards Jens Åsbø Stavanger

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    > 8. mai 2019 kl. 16:31 skrev SKOPELITISSA – Skopelos by a Norwegian living here more than 35 years. : > > >


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