“So do the days pass … “

Så går nå dagan …

Just a Norwegian way of saying it!!!



What a wonderfull way to end a day, siga siga, slowly slowly …
Time to have the living room on my terrace again …

Well now Monday morning we have a dash of rain!

In Agnondas both Pavlos and Koralli tavernas are open,
“Seafood by the sea” – if you like!


Sunbeds on Stafilos and soon in Agnondas.

What about Velanio?

Panormos is ready, with several tavernas too!

Another great beach;


I think the taverna was open,
but no beach bar yet!

A bit further;


BUT we gave up to kalderimi/path down to Loutraki,
too much weeds growing too high!!!

Do not miss;

190512 079


Kati allo,  fromthe beautiful Thessaloniki,
the Aristotelis Square;

190512 051

Greek lesson from “Our friends the animals”;

190510 035

Take care and

190429 171sign

2 thoughts on ““So do the days pass … “”

  1. Wish we were there – look forward beeing with you again in August.
    Best regards
    Elizabeth & Frode


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