Giannis Spanos

Who is he?

Giannis Spanos

«Ioannes “Giannis” Spanos (Greek: Ιωάννης (Γιάννης) Σπανός, pronounced [ioˈanis ˈʝanis spaˈnos]), also transliterated as Yannis Spanos, is a Greek music composer and lyricist. In his early days as a musician he was also a piano accompanist. Spanos won the music prize at the 1971 Thessaloniki Film Festival for composing the score of the film Ekeino to kalokairi.» 


«In Paris he worked in the artistic scene at the Rive Gauche as a piano accompanist.
He accompanied there many French artists like Cora Vaucaire, Serge Gainsbourg, Béatrice Arnac and Juliette Gréco. It was in Paris and in French that he wrote his first songs; an example is the song Sidonie that was sung by Brigitte Bardot in the film A Very Private Affair

I learned this at Stin Igia Mas some time ago,
so many Greek songs I know, but who made them?
Who is playing? Always something to learn!
Watching Greek music program is always soooo nice,
and a very good way to learn more!

I am trying to clean up here, and when I found this, I found it worth to share with you. Do you know who is behind your favorite Greek song? Many are by Theodorakis, but do you know ΜΑΝΟΥΣ ΧΑΤΖΙΔΑΚΙΣ?

Have a lovely day!

Gray, no wind and some few drops of rain here!

All the best from and


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