Peparithos, the hidden garden

Peparithos Taverna or more The Flower Garden
is a hidden treasure on The RingRoad,
up from  the schools, between Aperitton and Denise Hotels,
in the corner at the left hand side going up.

Annette, who used to work with me in Gulliver,
had strangely enough, never been there.
After one visit, she wanted to go back
for the last night of the holiday.


The first time she had the very best kleftiko, ever.
This time we had Saganaki Mitilini Ladotiri starter,
everybody loved it!
Then we had tzatziki and grilled meat from the big BBQ,
just delicious!

We were happy to see our old friend working there;


He worked many years at Alexanders,
– soon to be at Linarakia, Panormos again –
he was just helping out this night, due to;


Peparithos is the perfect place for a privat party,
we celebrated moms 80 there 11 years ago,
it was perfect!


So many beautiful flowers in the garden.
Thanks for  lovely night!



We just love this boat and its crew!!!
Soon we are going on a daytrip!

Latest bus timetable


Some cuttings




The last one is mostly in Norwegian, it is about different fobi, what amuses me are that most the words are from Greek.

Φόβο – fear

Wish you all a wonderful week!

Remember Orthodox Easter is the coming weekend!


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