As life goes by …

I love walking around town,
so beautiful ;o)


Beautiful people too!
This is Stella from Stellas Taverna, just up from Glifoneri Beach,
with my mom Kate.
We love eating at Stellas, it is a real old fashioned taverna.
Our favorite is Rabit Stifado!


I love that “live Music” is back!

Molos, Kyratsos Kitchen and Apolafsis has it too!

Flower power …

The orange one is a Trumpet wine,
in Greek called the 12 apostolos.
I love basil too, the king of herbs!

Here are soooo many butterflies,
said to come from Africa!
Have never ever seen so many here!

Lots of snails too!

“Oinos” – The Blue Bar


So nice to see, I am not a bar persons any more,
but I know it is a very nice and clean place.


– so one can do island hopping here too!


This was some days ago, last night the tables of
the Mylos Taverna was out on the newly paved platia.


Some cuttings at the end

The last one says something like
“No matter how big the house is,
but how much joy there is!”

Have a good rest of the week!

Remember to smile …



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