Minore tis avgis & MINOS

If you like Greek music and bought some records or CDs, you must have seen the name MINOS RECORDS. Who was Minos Matsas? I did not really know!!!
Here is what I found;

“Minos Matsas (1903-1970) was a lyricist. He wrote hundreds of songs, under his name and number of pseudonyms, few of them famous, with one having become a cultural icon.

But Matsas’ significant contribution to the music comes from the other side of the scene. As a charismatic director of the «Odeon-Parlophone» record company, and later the founder of  his own companies which became leading labels in the industry, he had an outstanding intuition for new artists and new musical trends, even at times when Greek society was unwilling to receive them; he signed those artists and made history in Greek music.”

In 1933, in his post at “Odeon” he discovered a creator that came from the streets, Markos Vamvakaris, with a new kind of music-the rebetika. Minos’ son, Makis, tells:”Vamvakaris appears in the office of my father, wearing a cap and a long coat as my Minos, and says: “Boss, I have some songs to play to you.” And doing so takes out the baglama from his coat pocket leaving next to him a larger instrument,that was then almost unknown in the music, a bouzouki….he starts playing his songs. My father hears something new, something that calls his attention, he likes it, he sees a truth that is in front of him, the directness, and  schedules  Markos a recording session for six weeks later 

After the war recordings resumed, and Minos Matsas was signed on one of the most beautiful songs in Greek music, a song which is sung in many events with audiences devotionally joining in. This is very much a beloved song in our country as well. The song “The minor of the dawn (Το μινόρε της αυγής)” was also composed by S.Peristeris.” 

You may read much more at;

In The Beginning Of The Song

A blog on stories about people and Greek Songs by Avi Nishri



I am sure, if you love Greek music, you will find much more there!
I will study it well.

Here it comes, the Greek lyrics of a beautiful lovesong;

Minore tis Avgis (Μινόρε της Αυγής)

Ξύπνα, μικρό μου, κι άκουσε
κάποιο μινόρε της αυγής,
για σένανε είναι γραμμένο
από το κλάμα κάποιας ψυχής.

Το παραθύρι σου άνοιξε
ρίξε μου μια γλυκιά ματιά
Κι ας σβήσω πια τότε, μικρό μου,
μπροστά στο σπίτι σου σε μια γωνιά.


Here comes the translation and explanation by a good old friend in Veria, Moustaki, with the name of Georgios K. I asked him about the song, and he gave me a wonderful explanation and translation. Now it makes sense!
You must take a look:



Marinellas version:

The other day I tried to find a good translation of the song, but no, at Marinellas it is written on, here it is, and it maskes much more sense:


Lovely and romantic, and as usuall a bit sad or …

To finish and honor MINOS here is probably the 1st “Minore” who was recorded at MINOS. The bouzouki and some of the songs are by Markos Bambakaris, a very famous musician who Minos helped to come to fame.
You can read about it The Beginning of The Songs.



Hope you have enjoyed this? I have!

Have a lovely weekend!




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