For the 1st time in my life I started
to collect money for helping other humans.
As you might know I am helping out with SIFFY –
Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth.


Team 8 SIFFY 2019


I met 3 11 years old boys from KIVOTO in Volos.
What is KIVOTO?
It is a home/house/place where for the moment 29 boys are living because they could not stay at their homes.
You may


I do not know much about this organisation but I have seen the priest papa Antonios who started it all on TV many times. Only good words to hear and nice photos.
KIVOTO has got a place in my heart now, because I met these nice boys who came out from KIVOT O in Volos.

Yesterday I sent out a message on Messenger to people that I know are connected to Skopelos, that I wanted to collect money so that the 26 boys that is not here, also could get a SIFFY t-shirt.
I got many answers, the t-shirts are bought and will go back with the boys and their very nice helper on Saturday.
But I have left over money so the idea now is to continue to collect money and buy Christmas presents for all the boys.

Would you like to help?

Please contact me!




2 thoughts on “ARK OF THE WORLD”

  1. Flott tiltak, Nana.Øker beløpet når vi kommer nedover 😀Mvh. Inger og Reidar 👫Sendt fra min Samsung Galaxy-smarttelefon.


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