Ups and downs


The beauty of Skopelos always puts me up!

Old friends coming back, really puts me up;


Despina alias Debbie, my very best Greek girlfriend came back from Ameriki.
You might know her from Akti Taverna here in Skopelos Town or Oreia Ellas in Loutraki.


Despina & Spiros.
Old friends meeting again,  puts me up!


That Apostolis at International Cafe took his beard off, made me up too!


Walking around the harbor, seeing boats coming and going, – also puts me up!


I have worked with people and tourism more or less all my life, my mother worked in Bennetts Travel Bureau in Oslo for many years.
When I moved here in 1983 I was so lucky that I was a part of bringing the first Norwegian charter tourists to Skopelos with Gullivers Reiser.
At the most we had 5 planes landing in Skiathos from Norway every week.
In Skopelos we were up to 5 reps!
So “little” Norway was big here!
There lives less people in the whole of Norway,
that it does in Athens!


Back to my “down”!
It was what happened last night around 23.00 hrs.
I went with some friends to get a taxi, the first who came just looked at my small dog and said no dog, I did not know him. The next opened the window and said;

In August we do not take dogs!!!!

She has driven us before!

Luckily there are nice drivers too,
so my friends, my dog and me got safely home!
(My dog is clean, behaves well  and lives in my home).

I have made many complains to the drivers on the taxi service here.
Since I live on top of the hill, I often want a taxi home.
Often I do not find one, and I have to walk in the dark.
OK I know my way, –
I have friends that I can call, but
I do not like to disturb them!

Yesterday we did not see any sign on the taxi station on where to call a taxi, if there is no one there. OK for me, I know my way around, but for a foreigner?
Lets say a couple lives in Stafilos, the last bus from town has left.
What to do? No taxi on the taxi station, no phone to call?
What to do? Will there come a taxi,
or they all went home?


In Skyros I found 3 taxies who would drive my group and me any time of day or night! We were there in March!
I might move there!!!

Thanks, if you red all the way to here, I just had to get it out!!!


I have always tried to do my very best for this island and the tourism.
It never made me rich in money, but it made my life rich!

What happened the other day? Mom needed to go to the Health Centre,
a taxi took us there, but for the return I did not find any.
Called a good friend, he was at work, but sent Dimitris Papas, the veterinarian, and he took us home to moms, and said “Call me any time!” Thanks a lot!

A big UP happened when I we got home last night;

SKAÏ TV was sending Stin Igia Mas and there was the lovely Eleanora Zouganeli
who sang for me, also many other great singers.
So the beginning and the end of the day was lovely “UPS”!!!!


High season here now, but not as busy as usual.

Remember the 15th of August is a big national holiday in Greece,
Dormition of Virgin Mary.
You will see lots of people, hear lots of church bells ringing and and …
Have a look at my page 15. AUGUST if you like to know more


3 thoughts on “Ups and downs”

  1. Alltid kjekt å lese fra bloggen din Nana. Jeg gleder meg å komme tilbake til Skopelos. Men jeg har ikke så god råd så d blir en gang i året. Kommer tilbake 2 juni neste år, bo på soulas hos Kostas som vanlig, men denne gang blir jeg i 3 uker. Gleder meg til det. Håper ellers det er bra med dere alle.


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