4 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. Ta den tiden du trenger!
    Gleder meg til du er tilbake. Kos deg i ettersommerens fine vær. Hils en masse til Kate !
    Klem fra Carsten

    Carsten S. Due
    Guldmandsveien 9
    4876 Grimstad, Norway
    Phone * 47 951 22 565
    e-mail: cakadue@outlook.com

    Fra: SKOPELITISSA – Skopelos by a Norwegian living here more than 36 years.
    Sendt: 28. august 2019 19:12
    Til: cakadue@outlook.com
    Emne: [New post] Sorry

    Skopelitissa, the Norwegian connection posted: “I have taken a break, August is a lot … All is well! Hope to be back here when I fond the right spirit!”


  2. I have been reading your posts for the ten years,you have got me through some very serious dark days,and i am now in a position to comment.Perhaps you do not realise what inspiration and light you give to so many people,the stories you share and the memories. So , do not get down at others actions, they will go back to their isolated lives, you will go back to a life of so many friends,some that you know and some that think highly of you. For the last twenty years i visit skiathos and skopelos every year, and for that brief time I experience what you live all the time……Jeff


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