Kalimera! Kalispera! Ti kanis? Kalo Minna!
There is always a Greek greeting!

Welcome September, a wonderful month!

Here comes some August photos;

Skopelos, always beautiful!


I always have to look and “shoot” a kaiiki or two!

Look who we met on our morning walk:


They have escaped from a farm, Dama Dama I think they are.


Light at my terrace, I love it!

“Soula entered a boat” – just look;


Not my photo, found it on FaceBook!

I am upset, can not download my photos onto my laptop!!!!
I have made it many times before!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



2 thoughts on “Kalimera!”

  1. ,Im pleased to see that you are happy again, and this is reflected in lovely photos you have taken.In reading you posts for many years you have shared many moments some happy and some sad,but all heart warming.
    So if I may I would like to share a happy moment from your nearby island.I have been with my partner for 27 years, and after that time and two wonderful daughters, we finally got married at the Bourtzi, in Skiathos.It was a wonderful day that made Skiathos and Skopelos grow even more in our hearts.The whole experience of hospitality from the local people made us feel very humbled.The wedding planner Anastasia organised an unbelievable day, and the words she spoke at the ceremony will live with me the rest of my life..Skiathos and Skopelos are more than a place, they are a feeling.


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