Hi there!

Thanks for all nice comments and messages!
Very busy on Skopelos with soooo many friends visiting,
here are a few of them;

Me, Heidi, Therese, Anne Kristin, Arild & Anette at Greek Night at Soulas
Anette Haugen who was in Gulliver in the 80ies!
Aug Sept 1369c
Mom & Leifen in Agnondas

Aug Sept 1345c

Vincent, son of  Jacqueline & Jan, NL

So many nice boats too;


Sea — and flowers;

smacap_Brightsdr_HDRBAug Sept 1339crptnb
Aug Sept 1343c

It was my nameday on the 1st, well Athina, —
many Athinas are called Nana!!!

Acrobatic at International Café;

Aug Sept 1387c

Ioannis climbing to save the tent!!!

Aug Sept 1344cIra mou sleepy with new hairstyle!

Aug Sept 931

I wish you a very nice day!


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