Skyros 2 – from home


Nice welcome sign on the way to the “lower” Skyros town,
Magazía. But as here not all kept the island clean.
Τι να κáνοθμε;    Ti na kanoume?
What can we do?

Keep our islands clean!

Keep your road clean!

Keep the world clean!

If you pick up 3 items of garbage every day,

I got home from Skyros last night,
easy travel this time; Skyros-Kymi with ferry Achileas,
drove 3 hours Xalkida-Manthoudi, had a walk and a sleep,
then came ferry Proteus who took us to Glossa.
Anyway it was an 11 hours trip in the lovely sunshine!

Some more of Skyros, a fantastic island;


I was so happy that I finally could see Palamari,
it impressed me so much. How they 5000 years ago
made these homes and fortifications,
– where were we then?

Something very unusual happened with this group,
we had 4 Norwegians “Singing Boys”
and I promise you they could sing,
we were all so amazed!


Kyria Efrosini has the Deidamia Hotel where we had 10 very happy guests,
and kyria Katherina at Antigoni had 15, again, very happy guests!


The last one, I did not manage to find any way down there.
So sad, it was very close to our hotel.
It is said to be a nudist beach!
Probably a landfall has closed the road down there!
(Some locals said that nudism is not allowed,
so somebody up there closed the beach!)

Some picks from around my walks;

I love blue windows nd doors, and there are many of them on Skyros!


On Skopelos we have the boat Ena/1 and on Skyros
they have the lovely small taverna 2/Dio.
A very nice place, very close to our hotel.
It once was a home and it has a small church connected to it.
The “Singing Boys” was singing in both places.

So you understand I had a good time again on Skyros,
but it was very good to come home too!

Take care and have a great rest of the week ;o)



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