Time is running …

IMG_20191006_113345cIMG_20191006_113243cIMG_20191006_113316cIMG_20191006_113043cKalimera from lovely Skopelos!
Sunny today but last week we had a thunderstorm
with big hail on parts of the island.
Lots of olives destroyed, but still some left on the trees.
Pictures over here from “The Monastery Hill”
I was so happy to see that the small church is being renovated, thansk a lot!
The last pic is ruins of an old tower, just behind the church.

Here are some of the views


Back in town


When I moved  to Skopelos in 1983 this was the place for nightlife;


It closed in 1984, I think, was for a short time a Italian Restaurant, but has just been left alone since. Now it seams like somebody is doing something there.
What will happen?

Some of my babies;



I am fashinated by ruins;


A page typically me, no people!!!

I love flowers and food;


Sunday today, and we will go for the last lunch this year at
“To steki mou” the International Cafe!
Many places are closed.
Most people has to pick olives now.
Long time befor a proper rest.
So very very tiering to work 7 days a week for ca 7 months,
no day off!

Cuttings from FaceBook


Have a lovely weekend and dream of Skopelos!



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