I left my heart in Skopelos …


I do not like to leave you, Baby, but ..


Sometimes one has to go off the island, me for a skin treatment, in order to «clean» up all the sundamages I have got after all this years in the sun!

As you can see up here Skopelos, Loutraki & Skiathos.

A walk on Skiathos town, then lunch with good old friends in the old harbor.


Ouzo, tzipourou ….

We had dinner too, at Bakaliko, and there the delishious Mussles in Mustard Sauce and other dellies. Great!


Norwegian Jens who I met first time in 1980, Oddvar in 1982, I think, and Kostas, a part of the Greek Connection, Gullivers agents in Skiathos.

I love these boys!

I walked to the airport Wednesday morning and flew to Athens.


The weather is so nice and warm, is this an «Indian Summer»?

It is OK here in Athens too, but I long for my island in the sun.

Just got a message from Ira, she is having a great time in Panormos with Silje!

I be home on Friday and then I hope to stay a loooong looong time, – hoping for Music Lunch at Karidia on Sunday. They will open for their winter program on Friday, bravo! Many places are closed in Skopelos now.

Wish you all the very best and be gooood  ;o)

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2 thoughts on “I left my heart in Skopelos …”

  1. leaving , makes you realise how much you love a place, and that is good for the heart, l too walked to the airport this year, past Milos, were l had one last drink, the island looks as if it needs the aautumn and winter to recover now, thankyou for the pictures, Jeff

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    1. Thanks! I used to love Skiathos, and when I see it off season, I recognize it. Meeting good old friends also makes it good.
      Wondring what I will see / what is still open, when I get down town today here on Skopelos.
      For sure my love for this island always grows when I am away.
      All the best and thanks for your comments. 🧿🇬🇷🐕🇬🇷🧿


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