Lovely November days

This underwater photo is from a summers day out with Mythical boat Ena,
(Ena gives the best boattrip out of Skopelos, if you ask me!).
Here is more about Ena:

“Initially crafted in the renowned Psarros shipyard in 1961, in Perama area of Piraeus and totally restored in 2010 by Thodoris Tsikis at Psarros shipyard.
This beautiful wooden yacht called “Ena”, has all the advantages of a traditional “Trehantiri” hull design, plus the necessary comforts and facilities needed for yachting & diving.
Her excellent stability and design are ideal for cruising the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean with safety and grace.”

More at

IMG_20190906_101735 (2)Mom, Ira & Agapi loves a trip with Ena!

Over to November;

IMG_20191102_130747cI love the autumn clear light! Like silver light into the sun!

Out walking “on the other side”!

Still looks bad, more on that another day!



IMG_20191102_132555cActually it was 3 mothers and some children on the beach,
having fun, and a picnic!

IMG_20191102_131308cIMG_20191101_144057cIMG_1041last photo from moms garden.
Unbelievable that it is November, the other day I woke up to +20!
It was south winds.
Friday morning; lightly clouded, quiet, +16,9C and
it came 8 mm of rain in the night.

Except from walking I am



I am a November girl!!! Happy to say that a good friend sent this to me!!!




My translation;
“Happiness does not have to be to climb to the top of the ladder…
but to stop on a layers where one has a good time.”

Just now it is dark outside, so here is an earlier night photo;




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