Happy Birthday

Nice birthday lunch with Norwegian friends
Marte&Aage, Kjell&Frode, mom
and our doggies at my place.

Time just passes …
I do not believe that I just became 69 years old!
“A sexy number!” – a good friend said!

The end of my birthday was like this;

Since time is passing so fast,
I did not have time to get some new photos ready,
so I give you some photos from earlier this year;

IMG_20190530_121530IMG_20190612_100400IMG_20190612_100229IMG_20190529_154123IMG_20190614_154544 (1)IMG_20190614_155646IMG_20190530_164043 (1)IMG_20190515_130654IMG_20190530_171954IMG_20190531_191400IMG_20190602_102423IMG_20190602_170101 (1)IMG_20190614_180530

Ending up with some cuttings;



Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Take care and keep on giving a smile …


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

  1. happy birthday, dear Nana, and all the best for the future together with your Mom

    from Monica, Hans and Ari – your Neigbors from Raches

    Liked by 1 person

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