Still +18 outside!


It is getting better around Amarondas, outside Agnondas, but “siga siga”.
Lots of greens are growing up from the ground, it will heal itself.

AND we were lucky, no people died, – the day after the big fire outside Athens started, where many people lost their life!!!
Some says the patron saint of Skopelos, Agios Reginos, protected us, – again!

Until now a very mild autumn, 18,3 now at 16,50.

Well, it became under 20 inside and I longed to see the fire!

Looking out now; very gray, I think bad weather
is coming! Good I have plenty of fire-wood!!!

A bit more from the nature now;


Most probable a shag!

In town today;


Summer memories;

IMG_20190608_210747IMG_20190608_213705 (1)

With Tina and Mathilde we always goes to Prodromos at Aktaion,
and I love the “Pirats Dish”


We also love Swell, – its not bad with a cold, cold Mythos!!!


I am so lucky, so many of my old collages are visiting every summer.
Up here is Kari Anne & “Dr” Knardahl alias Anetta!!!

Some cuttings;



End of this page, and soon end of this week!
Hope you will have a great weekend!

One more photo from Sunday lunch at Karidia;



5 thoughts on “Still +18 outside!”

  1. Så kjekt å sjå at d går bra der det brant. Masse fine bilder, gleder meg til 3 uker i juni. Vi sees


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