27th of November …



Tiden flyr … eller er det
Tiden kommer …?

Time is running … or is it
Time is coming …?

What I am trying to say is that I cant believe that it is soon December and Christmas! The autumn is over or …

I have one problem!!! I try to make all text here blue and centered, but “somebody” makes it black and to the left side, “Ta na kanw?”


Bougainvilleas all over town are doing very well at the moment!


The last week we have had all kinds of weather,
sun, rain, thunder, lightnings and some wind.
It has been down to +13,5C in the night,
but sometimes up to 20 daytime.
Now at 17,30 I can still see outside but soon it will be dark.
(17.45 DARK outside!)
Sun  went up today at  07.20, but that I do not see, the “Monastery Hill” blocks that. Sunset behind my home was at 17.04. It has been a lovely day. Ira and I were walking in the sunshine …


We often walk down the valley Pefkias – Potami,
it is so green, quiet and beautiful,
We see and hear lots of birds.
Look at this;

Costas takes great photos and I love his comment up here!

Good summer memories;

IMG_20190612_152320 (1)IMG_20190612_114531IMG_20190612_112404
It is always good to dream of trips with Ena,
The Mythical Boat!

When I was at Skyros I saw these;

IMG_20191002_171552 (1)IMG_20191002_171654

Caper flowers, and they are indeed beautiful!
When they are buds, they are the pickeled capers we know.
They grow here too!


I love BLUE ;o)

Some info;




Great idea!!!

Some animal cuttings;


I wish you a very nice weekend!
Take care and give a smile ;o)

PS now Thursday 28th at 8 in the morning it is beautiful and sunny outside, no wind, +14,5 and daylight. Looks like a lovely day.
Hope you get one too!


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