New colors both here and in my home!
For me the colors of Christmas is first of all red,
then green and gold!
Blue will disappear for a Christmas-while!!!


Top photo from Volos of the amazing Santa, Rudolph and more on their way to give joy to all the children of the world, I hope!

I will find a Skopelos Christmas top soon!

Here is my latest photos;

Narcissus on the 30th of November,
that is early!


Cat guarding my friends house!


My “Nisser” (Santas) from Norway,
I love them and they have been given me over the years by good friends, they all have names and memories.
It started years ago at Beate and Sveins home in Oslo …

The tablecloth I made with cross stiches in 1993,
when I “came back” to Skopelos Christmases.
I did a lot of cross stiches things, in the good old days, befor I got a compeuter!!!

The blue Nisse had an accident last year, broke his leg,
and another now, so he is not here anymore,
just his bits and pieces!!!
I glued him last year, but no I think it is not poss this time!
Sooooo sorry! He has gone to sleep;


All the best from Skopelos were it was 11,2 early morning.
Yesterdays wind has calmed down and it is partly clouded.

Wish you a good week!
Remember just a smile could bright up somebodies day!


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