More music …



Youtube just “gave” me this;

What is Christmas without Music?

Here is a little SIFFY Christmas
(SIFFY – Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth)
we had a bazar on Saturday;


We had a very good time and the sales was good!
The “leftovers” will be sent to the boys at KYVOTO in Volos
so they can sell it on their bazar on the 22nd.

We plan to have a bazar again at Eastertime,
if there is anything you like, you may order and
we try to make it for you!

Oj oj, excuse my “Momsatry” down here,
I ment Monastery, – was it the spelling control or ?


Ira and me walked there yesterday, up passing Milli and then on a path, came out a bit up from Metamorphoses/Sotiras Monastery. Did not meet a soul but heard olivepickers and gouts. Lovely day with clear air.




Here are some quotes for you;

Christmas is for everyone, adults and children alike.
Allow this season fill your heart, and let go of the things you dislike.
Julie Hebert
Christmas Poems

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.” Helen Steiner Rice
Christmas Sayings

Have a lovely rest of the week!



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