“God Romjul”

Kalimera sas!
My title today is Norwegian, ROMJUL is what we call the periode between Christmas and New Year. Do you have a word for that?


Out walking on Boxingday. A bit chill in the air but lovely.
This morning (27th) at 7-ish it was only +9.1C up here.

Many flowers out;



Our to “my” Christmas;


Is this photo better than last years?


I dont know!

Here is another from this year;


I love Christmas and the traditions!
Here are some pics from the last days;


Christmas Eve lunch with Mom and the OliveGrove boys,
100 % Norwegian, well + 3 Greek dogs ;o)
Did not get a photo of any of them,
the main photo was the ham!
My lovely Swedish Christmas Ham
that I cure for 4 weeks and make all by myself!

And not to forget the

33aedaff-ca98-4468-b22f-e61e95253bf6Tusen takk til Anne Kristin og Arild i Norge

Christmas Dayec5cd904-3285-48fd-b515-d3f052f5ec5b632648f9-9c42-4006-ba69-1760edd124069da44dfc-2b68-4452-aeed-8b0d5abb1901 was more Brithish, even Mince Pies, sooo good!


Hope you had a good Christmas too, with the best wishes for the rest of the year from me to you, – here comes a lovely photo


Have a lovely time, and give us a smile!


4 thoughts on ““God Romjul””

  1. God romjul t dere også. Nydelige bilder. Her er det stille og rolig vær, ingen snø i jula, men ellers fint vær og sola titter fram innimellom.

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  2. God romjul, og Godt Nytt År til dere! Nå er billetter bestilt til Athen, gresk påske, men må vente til båtrutene kommer før vi vet når vi kommer til ØEN.
    Klem fra Marte og meg.


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