Still dark …

I woke up early this morning,
before 6 and it was dark, but now 07.25 it is
light outside. The sun will be getting up at 07.43
and go down 17.24. Clearly the days are getting lighter.
+7,9C outside, and some few clouds in the horizon.
We are getting one of these days that makes the winter so nice!

On a walk in the forest of Amarondas outside Agnondas


Amazing sky!


Always I have to shoot Agnondas from this angle
when I walk up or down there, it is soooo beautiful!


I was so proud to see a son of Skopelos on ANT1 TV,
the actor;

“I waited for my grandfathers blessing to become an actor”

“The Theater is a “”Greek story” we must not forget that”

Dimitris Drossos was baptized in my 1st Skopelos summer 1983,
and I have known him
since then.
A very nice boy!
I was in Thessaloniki when he had his 1st main roll in Don Juan some years ago, amazing,  and I try to watch him on Greek OPEN TV every Sunday where he plays a Turk in the “To Kokkino Potami” – The Red River.
Bravo Dimitri!


Flovering now;



I feel so sorry for the flowers, since the weather
was so nice before Christmas
they thought the spring was coming …
They must freeze now, poor darlings!

From my home


My mom is always spoiling me and yesterday my Christmas gift arrived,
I was so curious, how would the carpet be?
I ordered it online!!!
“Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is a man-made fibre, made up of tightly twisted yarns that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean.”
And I am so happy, it is great.
It is not an “real” expenceive carpet,
but perfect for my animals and me!
When my big dog Pasxa was alive, I gave up carpets, because she was melting so many short white hairs.

I saw the Woolf full moon;


I heard a nice song on the radios and wanted to look up the title,
here is Googles suggestions;


I was not sure, but for sure the 1st translation is not what I was looking for, I guess the last one is correct.
I got an message from VV and he said Ξóδεψé με,
a beautiful song with Dalaras, Eleanora & more,

What does it mean? Google says Couple me.
One more message from VV, thanks a lot,
Ξóδεψé με means “spend me”.

Lovely SUNDAY lunch at Karidia


The whole police forse of Skopelos where there, with wifes,
about 25 persons.
and in the end they cut the Vasilopita – cake.

And all customers had to go outside to smoke!!!
The law says that, and I was told that the owner will be fined 500,- € if the inspectors finds anyone smoking inside.
For sure here are less and less smokers inside!

One cutting today, from another of my favorite actors;


Wish you a lovely rest of the week …


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