Gray days with …

Kalimera, ti kanis?

I make all text centered, so why
some are black and to the left side?


Photo from last sping,
the inside of a lovely poppy,
– the cross shaped poppy.

We have gray weather, lots of wind and
some few raindrops,
I am not complaining!
PS last night for our last trip out, it was wonderful,
quiet and very clear sky with lots of stars!

Here are some summer memories;

New forthe  summer of 2020;


I am sure you know Alonnisos is our naighbour island,
– where most of our excursion boats goes.

Second blue flower I have seen in 2020,
– and I play with frames on my phone;


I love playing with frames.
Do you know any good ones?

I do not have many new photos,
but some more cuttings;




How many cats do I have?
I have 4 which are allowed into my home to eat
and sleep, but not in the night.
Then I feed these

and some more!!!

Re last page about  the song “swdepse me”
– I got an message from VV and he said Ξóδεψé με,
a beautiful song with Dalaras, Eleanora & more,

What does it mean? Google says couple me!!!
One more message from VV, thanks a lot,
Ξóδεψé με means “spend me”.

More cuttings;


It makes me happy that I see more and more adds, or whatever to call it, in Greek media about being kind to animals. When I came here, most people was shoked to hear that my lovely German Shepard dog lived in the house with me.

Sorry, my cat, still missing!
If you know or have seen her,


Have a lovely rest of the week, and remember
days are getting lighter day by day …


3 thoughts on “Gray days with …”

  1. Hello Nana, I’m glad that I helped you with the translation. Google translate can be a bit “messy” sometimes.

    I have been a long time follower of the blog, back from the daily pages. By the way, are these pages still available somewhere? We also have exchanged a couple of e-mails in the past.

    Anyway, last summer I was at Skopelos for our 4th visit with my wife and this time we also brought our 9 year old son along. I recognized you at Stella’s taverna at Glifoneri, you were leaving when we sat at our table. The owners confirmed that it was you and I told them that they should be taking good care of you since you are one of the island’s best advertisers in your own, unique way.

    Once again, thanks for the photos and for the blog. Keep them coming! Many greetings from Thessaloniki.


    1. Thanks a lot! Sorry we did not meet at Stella, and for sure, there they take good care of me.
      As you must have guessed I do not have the same “power” to do a lot of pages any more, and the statistics are getting down. But good words from you give me a good feeling. Next time Lets meet for a coffee.
      Thanks again and all the best from Skopelos 🧿 🇬🇷 🧿


      1. Good to know! Yes I get it about the blog, I was one of the many that supported your decision back then to take the foot off the pedal. It should be a pleasure, not a chore/burden. Quality over quantity! I will be very glad to meet you in person next time we visit the island, although I know you are a busy person. Keep being one of the island’s best ambassadors, I always remember what you said at the “60′ Greece” Alpha TV show: “Σκοπελίτισσα είμαι”!


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