Keep on walking …

I know it is a bit late, but anyway;


Beautiful weather for many days now,
but mostly not warm in the shadows,
just around 10-12.
Just now the rain started and we have +11.5C this
Wednesday morning at 08.30.

Ira and I am doing long, nice walks,
here is a good one;


The island of Evia in the background.
The numbers of the photos compares with numbers on the map.


A lovely walk, specially the dirt road down from the goat station. We had to take a detour, because hundreds of goats was on their way home, you can see it marked on the map. Except from the goats, we saw only birds. My phone said the walk was 8.45 km long! The time is not correct because we had to have a stop in Agnondas!

Cleaning up my photo storage, I found these 2 great women, the first Greek, the second Swedish, both my good friends. I often gives kyria Maria a lift, she has a kalivi just down from my home. Christina is a very regular Skopelos fan.




You can buy most things on Skopelos now, or order them online, but Norway still has a few things I need;


“Pølse med lompe” – wiener sausage with a flat kind of pie made of potatoes, I love it! And thanks to good friends I get a lot of them during the summer. This is my last package, but still 21 sausages left!

Some cuttings;




I see and pick up a lot,  many are  coffee cups and small paper bags from the bakeries, that people just throws out of the car window. BAD BAD BAD


Translation with a little help of Google;
“Learn not to be jealous of what others have …
They did not take it from you …”

One more Greek;

“I went to do some tests and they found
stones in my kidneys,
sand in my urine,
lots of asvestio..
I am not a human being..
I am betong!”

Have a lovely rest of the week! ;o)


7 thoughts on “Keep on walking …”

  1. The best weather for long, winter walks. Lovely Skopelos every time of the year and yes, please keep walking and taking pictures!

    P.S.: Kidney stones are the worst. The pain is unbearable!


  2. Thankyou for sharing your walk with us all,I may be many miles away, but I can smell the aromas, the trees, but more than anything ,I can hear the silence,with faint sound of nature,,,,,thank you


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