Rainy Sunday

I start with summer memories;

180226 185

Kalimera, kalimera!
I learned from the Greeks, they often repeat the words, like;
siga siga  –  σιγá σιγá  –  slowly slowly

I trying to have all text in the middle and BLUE
but somebody in here are sabotaging me!!!

Written some days ago; “8 Norwegians on the island at the moment, as fare as I know. All the 4 “extras” has houses here and thats what makes it so nice, they come more often than the “usual” tourist, and they stay longer!
Last night I was invited to one of the Norwegian houses in town, but the rain made me to say that I could not come, mostly because I would not find a taxi to take me home. Then I was offered a privat driver! I drove my car down, enjoyed the nice company, the great food and the very nice red wine – and was driven home! Thanks a lot!”

Sorry for having a break, but I lost my mouse!!!! It took time to find it!!!
Jeg mistet musa mi!!!
Pluss I have been very busy due to Apokreas/Apokries – Karnavalli!


The Trata Parade is an old tradition and great fun, but very naughty!!!
Young boys and older boys make “boats” out of bamboo and more, decorated with all kind of things, most very noicy! The Tratas are draged/driven through town and many places they stop to sing, drink, dance and being naughty. I was waiting with friends inside town, but the parade did not come, they had not been allowed to make dirty too many streets, because 2 days later it would be the nameday of the Patron saint Agios Reginos.
The parade was shortened. We run downtown and got a glimpse of the “end” – where they  put the Tratas  to sea, where they “die”!!!

Then off to Karidia
Great evening with FUN, food, RETSINA & dance!


I had some fun with this photo, – and I love BLUE!!!

25th of Feb. the nameday of the Patron Saint of Skopelos:

Then on to Ta Kimata

Some dancing and fun!

Then on to Karidia where I was dancing so much that I did not have time to take any photos. You should have seen us, dancing into the streets so passing cars had to wait!!! Fun Fun Fun …

Then I woke up to this;


Mostly wherever I am walking there are views;
I have to show you some flowers;


and animals;


More cuttings;

I have never seen this, but I would like to have one bracket!



Shall we go and great Gerald?

What will happening here;
Pavlos in Agnondas will open this weekend.
We have the “Kales” – the fake wedding parade –  on Sunday,
Katharo Deftera / Clean Monday where we should eat salads and seafood by the sea …
Then we go into 40 days of lent – they say …

Wish you a lovely week and lets hope “THE VIRUS” will not reach any of us!!!
Be careful !!!


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