Cold, influensa, virus …


Kalimera sas!
I had a cold, flue or whatever…
No fever but running nose and and …
4 days at home!
Yesterday I felt better, took a shower
and went out into the world again!
Lovely! I am lucky!

Here are some of what I saw;


The dour color has lent it the common name Widow Iris, Black Iris, or Velvet Flower-de-Luce, though Snake’s-head or Snakeshead Iris has become most commonly used, alluding to its pointed buds that supposedly look like snaky heads with open mouths.”
“The genus name Hermodactylus means “Finger of Hermes,” because the tuberous bulb looks like a gnarly pinky-finger. When taxonomists came to the agreement that this Iris was not really in the Iris genus, it was quite clever to give it a new scientific name after Hermes, for Hermes was the Messenger of the Gods, as was Iris, Mother of Rainbows, a messenger goddess.”
I borrowed this from


Here are lots of wild flowers and the almond trees blossom is at its best. What part of the year is best? A question “always” asked – at the moment I must say SPRING!!!

While being ill I had the TV on, mostly depressing!
You know why!
What is happening in the world?

My thoughts; I am lucky, very lucky, I live on a green island with losts of fresh water. Whenever out I see bees, bumblebees, wasps, butterflies and and …
Lots of insects.

I am happy it was just a cold!!!

Also yesterday what made me happy was that I cleaned my bed sheets, hang them in th sun and put them back on my bed, so I fell asleep with the sunny smell of nature!

So we all have to be happy for what we have and try to help and make the world the fantastic place it should be!!!

Also making me happy:

Open every weekend


What to do while having a cold and no fever;

I do not know about this;

Greek lessons;

What to confess? 

One of my thoughts are;
Απολαúστε τα μικρá δϖρα στη ζωñ, εíναι δωρεáν!
Enjoy the small gifts in life, they are free!

Have a lovely weekend, I hope to have one!


7 thoughts on “Cold, influensa, virus …”

    1. Takker! Glad det bare er en normal forkjølelse. Mor har den nå, selv om jeg holdt meg borte. Ingen feber der heller, heldigvis.
      Det må gi seg snart, virusser, mener jeg.
      Tenk om flyktningene fikk samme presse oppfølging!
      Her har vi ikke noe ennå, men med all reisingen, vet man ikke. Ble paff da jeg hørte at eldre, de over 60 er mest utsatt. Jeg blir 70 i november!
      Velkommen 🧿🇬🇷🧿


  1. Hei Nana. God bedring. Den forrige kommentaren min ble litt feil, Ble rettet av ordlista. jeg håper at coronavirus etc går over til jeg skal til Skopelos i juni. Gleder meg stort til å feriere i tre uker denne sommeren.


  2. we are all lucky in different ways, but sometimes we dont realize are very lucky to be in Skopelos, it always looks like heaven on earth


    1. Thanks Jeff! Yes we do talk, – I visite my Mom every day, – about how lucky we are. No problem going out for walks, we hardly meet anybody anyway. Fresh air. Beautiful nature. No ques in the supermarkets and and … Best wishes, stay calm and be careful!


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