Kalimera sas


Summer dream, out with Ena, the Mythical Boat!

I have written a lot about happiness lately, why? Because the world for many is a sad place, – what to do … Looking at the news / so sad!
I have always tried to live “on the bright side of life”!!!
I am one of the lucky ones!
Mom & me came here in May 1983, we were immigrants, and we were very well received! Never had a big problem, never had anybody say we were not welcomed!!! But we came because we wanted, we did not have to leave our country!


I have a cold, Mom got it, – but luckily we both has passed the worst.
We are both elderly people!!! Mom 92 ok, but me? I feel young!

Glad to get on with my walks, here is yesterday at Amarondas, outside Agnondas;


Having a cold, being a lot at home, also raining, – doing cross-stiches. Slowly I started to use up my “storage”, what to do? Close to the house I lived in in town there was kyria Sofia who sold thread and and … But she has retired. So lately I bought the things in Volos. I do not want to go to Volos!!!
So I thought of the small shop, in the narrow street, opposite Perivoli Restaurant, just up from “Platanos – Souvlaki Square”:


Google translation; WHITE CLOTHES – CLOTHING
Anyway it is a small shop with soooo many things; clothes, underwear and and …
and I found excately the materal I wanted and the lovely DMC treads.
So I can keep on “stiching”.
It is now possible to find most things on Skopelos.

Just look at te cheese desk at the supermarkeds, cheeses from many places.

In an olivegrove behind my home:


The night after the full moon. I got some gifts from a good friend, all great Thenk you Silje, and this photo was taken with a small tripod, which means my phone stays still, photo gets better! It is the moon, looks a lot like the sunrise I just saw!

First a sad cutting:

The Greek Orthodox Church says “Holy Communion does not spread coronavirus.”
They use the same spoon for all!!!
More at greekcitytime.com

Animal cutting:


I got a cup once in Paphos, Cyprus, it says;
The more I know men, the more I love my dog!”

Have a lovely rest of the week, – and I’ll keep on walking!


4 thoughts on “Kalimera sas”

  1. Så kjekt å lese. God bedring til dere begge Nana. Håper alt går bra og jeg er veldig spent på hvordan alt går framover med korona osv, mest spent på om jeg kommer meg på ferie til vakre skopelos i sommer. Ha en fin dag, her er det regn og mye vind i dag, stusselig og høy vannstand.


  2. Så pussig, så snart jeg trykker send så forandrer ordene seg. Jeg skrev god bedring, ikke herregud.


    1. Kalimera og takk for dine kommentarer, alltid hyggelig å få. Så fortsett med det!
      Jeg har stavekontroll på min telefon, meget bra, men av og til gjør den dumme ting. Silje skrev til meg “Jeg har mistet alderen min!” Det var laderen hun snakket om!
      Alt vel her, stille og vakkert!
      Vi kan bare håper og drømmen …
      Nø skal jeg lave en ny side. Ha det godt og vær forsiktig!


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