Kalimera, ti kanis?  – Καλημέρα, τι κάνεις; –  Good morning, how are you?
Hope you are all as good as poss!!!

We are some of the lucky ones, living on an island!
At least as long as nobody brings the virus here!!!

I am also happy that both Mom and me are used to be alone, we are not lonely, we have radio, TV, books to read and and …

As fare as I can see from “uphill” all is fine on Skopelos.
Yesterday morning woke up to only 7,2C, – it had been 16 and more.
Got some 6 mm rain, – good, cleaned the air.
No problem to buy food, medicines, petrol and more …
But cafes, tavernas and more are all closed.
Some are getting ready for the summer, but what will happen?

Quiet on the island, except for in the nature.
I am so happy that we live here and can get out several times a day, without the danger of getting the virus! Fresh air!!!

New flowers shows up every day;

Look what I saw;


I was told that a man from here imported the horses from Skyros 20 years ago. Today there are 3 here, – the mother & daughter as on my photos and a male.
They were so nice and very friendly.

What to do while have a quarantine?
We, Ira & me, visit Mom
Texts freinds

We go for walks


All photos from one of my absolutely favorite walk!


I stole-borrowed the irises from next to a dirtroad last year, there where lots of them. Most BLUE, so I am just waiting to see!!!

What else I do;

Some cutting & Greek

I look up Greek words all the time, mostly words I hear on the radio or the TV. Good way to learn. Google helps a lot, but I never trust it a 100%!


“MENOUME SPITI” – we stay home!!!
Call 1135 if you need info on the Corona virus, open 24 hours a day.

I wish us all an as good as possible time, be patient, be careful, use your head so hopefully we can be together again!

Now time for breakfast and then out walking …

PS I have given up trying to get all centered and letters in blue here, somebody in here are overrooling me!!


3 thoughts on “Lucky!!!”

  1. I do not like concrete, but I also love dirt roads, they usually lead somewhere interesting, I hope the island stays free from illness, take care to both you and your mother

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  2. Hello Dear! Take care, enjoy every moment!!!!! I am living in Trieste ( Italy)….here it seems a science fiction story….but it is Reality! All the best Flavia


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