Happy Easter or not …


Kalimera from Skopelos on a sunny day!
The Easters are often at different dates, to explain it very simple; it is due to the calendar used. The orthodox uses the old Julian calendar from year 46 while most of the world uses the newer Gregorian calendar from 1582.

Every year on Palm Saturday we buy Lazarus bread.
Just love it!

Life on Skopelos is going very well, no VIRUS
as fare as we know. Very quiet, strange,
because the Easter week is normally when Skopelos wakes up.
We still have no tavernas open!!!
Fast food yes, but no cafes, no where to sit for a “cupof”.
When the weather is a s good as it is now,
we normally go to sit at the cafes and look at life go by!


Can you see him standing next to the tree waiting 4 U?

We can buy all the food we like.
We have the Express Skiathos ferry coming ca 3 times a week,
I saw the “petrol-boat” came in yesterday.
We get our mail, but it takes much longer time.


What to do?
I send the code 2 4 6 most days to 13033 to ask permission to shop, visit a person in need (my mom) and go for a walk. Very fast the answer comes:
I also carry my passport and my permission to stay here.


I do some “wood-work” – after 10 years some of the wood outside needs a new coat of paint, and I use the opportunity to change to BLUE!!!


One can ask, what does 6 means going for a walk, yes, but how fare, how long I do not know. But I walk with our doggies, I walk with mom and then sometimes with a friend. I am so happy to get my exercise.
So life on Skopelos is going on but without all of you out there!!!!

The nature is just beautiful, the beaches are empty …

My darling companion:


Some cuttings:



Ti na kanoume?


One sunny day we meet again …


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter or not …”

  1. Skopelos may be empty of tourists,but it is in our thoughts, we may not visit this year, but your posts will give us hope, i miss skopelos and skiathos, but we need to be careful, stay safe, and thankyou for your posts……Jeff


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