Skopelos Trails


Kalimera from lovely sunshine and windy.
Not really warm yet, or actually the wind is cold!

FIRST TIME I ever joined Heather, Skopelos Trails, to help clearing a path!
I have walked down to the Taxiarches Monasteries many times, even stayed overnight some times when it was full moon, – just AMAZING!
So we were on the “backside” of Palouki, starting to open another path down to the monastery.

Photo Heather
Selfie by Maria
Another selfie by Maria


Marias phone app gave us this map.

Here is my by my phone


The views were stunning, blue blue sea …



This path is marked on some old maps, but it is impossible to pass now. We cleared about 1 km and it took 3 strong women 3 hours!!! Cutting, cutting, cutting …
Hope to do more, maybe finish next week!

At the bottom of a shrub I saw this;


Today I feel ok and I stay with a happy memory, – and maybe one day somebody will tell me how great it was to walk a roundtrip to the monastery!


In a garden in an OliveGrove I saw this;

The cross poppy is rare, but I always see one or more every year.
This was very big and beautiful!

Over to my home;


Hope you are doing well, we are!
Today we are more free, the quaranteen is losening a bit up!
BE CAREFUL and one day we meet again …


3 thoughts on “Skopelos Trails”

  1. I am puzzled, the post’s date is April 7, 2020 but I received the notification yesterday. Perhaps the real date is May 4?

    Great views and you deserve many kudos for your hard work. If only you had more help…

    Liked by 1 person

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