Kalimera 15th of May

Kalimera sas this lovely Friday morning!
Skopelos is still doing fine and the summer is slowly coming
So strange, no tourists!!!
And there is nothing we can do about it!

The 1st word my mom learned when we were going
to buy a house here years ago was

υπομονή“ipomoni” – patience

A good friend actually named her house that,
it took her many years to find it!

Things are happening in town, – slowly waking up.

We cant wait to see cafes and tavernas to open!!!

The beach has been cleaned and


Connecting us with Volos & Manthoudi
but she is only allowed to take 52 passengers,
so many had to stay over in Volos!
Soon she will take over 200 passengers, I was told.


We have been up to the “new/old” path Palouki-Taxiarches
2 more times.
Last time we went the whole round in ca 3 hours
it is a bit less than 5 km.
BUT we did not find the last part down to the monastery,
we went again down the very steep “revma”
We hope to find it, one day …
This path is just for VERY FIT PERSONS!


Many of us are fascinated by the poppies,
they brighten up everywhere!
I read that there are white cross poppies too,
but I never seen one.


My one blue iris is still in blossom,
8 flowers it has had on the one stam,


The dirtroad Pefkias – Vromoneri/Potami
has been cleaned, very roughly!
We complained that the road by Vromoneri was worse than ever,
and they fixed it, so now you can pass there
without getting wet feet!


We are all fine, hope you are too!
Have a good weekend and
Xronia Polla to Norway on Sunday!


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