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Born in Oslo but moved to Skopelos in 1983. I live on top of the hill of Raches with my dog Ira, and about 20 cats, - and I just love Skopelos. Here I will present photos and comments about my life here. Greek it, or leave it❣


& some of my 4-legged friends and more

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In Greece, specially on the islands, it is an old tradition to decorate a small boat, Karavaki, not a tree. I am so happy this year for the first time I did decorate my small wooden boat, and I love the sight of it!
On the mainland this tradition is rather new,
only the last 30 years.
Greeks are aware of that X-mas tree is not a Greek tradition,
it is said that Greece’s 1st king; Bavarian Otto,
brought it with him in 1833.

I can not remember to have seen any here
my 1st Xmas in 1983, but slowly it appeared.
Actually I did not see much Christmas then at all!

Here are some of my olds photos of X-masses;