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Rainy Sunday

I start with summer memories;

180226 185

Kalimera, kalimera!
I learned from the Greeks, they often repeat the words, like;
siga siga  –  σιγá σιγá  –  slowly slowly

I trying to have all text in the middle and BLUE
but somebody in here are sabotaging me!!!

Written some days ago; “8 Norwegians on the island at the moment, as fare as I know. All the 4 “extras” has houses here and thats what makes it so nice, they come more often than the “usual” tourist, and they stay longer!
Last night I was invited to one of the Norwegian houses in town, but the rain made me to say that I could not come, mostly because I would not find a taxi to take me home. Then I was offered a privat driver! I drove my car down, enjoyed the nice company, the great food and the very nice red wine – and was driven home! Thanks a lot!”

Sorry for having a break, but I lost my mouse!!!! It took time to find it!!!
Jeg mistet musa mi!!!
Pluss I have been very busy due to Apokreas/Apokries – Karnavalli!


The Trata Parade is an old tradition and great fun, but very naughty!!!
Young boys and older boys make “boats” out of bamboo and more, decorated with all kind of things, most very noicy! The Tratas are draged/driven through town and many places they stop to sing, drink, dance and being naughty. I was waiting with friends inside town, but the parade did not come, they had not been allowed to make dirty too many streets, because 2 days later it would be the nameday of the Patron saint Agios Reginos.
The parade was shortened. We run downtown and got a glimpse of the “end” – where they  put the Tratas  to sea, where they “die”!!!

Then off to Karidia
Great evening with FUN, food, RETSINA & dance!


I had some fun with this photo, – and I love BLUE!!!

25th of Feb. the nameday of the Patron Saint of Skopelos:

Then on to Ta Kimata

Some dancing and fun!

Then on to Karidia where I was dancing so much that I did not have time to take any photos. You should have seen us, dancing into the streets so passing cars had to wait!!! Fun Fun Fun …

Then I woke up to this;


Mostly wherever I am walking there are views;
I have to show you some flowers;


and animals;


More cuttings;

I have never seen this, but I would like to have one bracket!



Shall we go and great Gerald?

What will happening here;
Pavlos in Agnondas will open this weekend.
We have the “Kales” – the fake wedding parade –  on Sunday,
Katharo Deftera / Clean Monday where we should eat salads and seafood by the sea …
Then we go into 40 days of lent – they say …

Wish you a lovely week and lets hope “THE VIRUS” will not reach any of us!!!
Be careful !!!


What is happiness …


Happiness is a lot of things, here are some of my moments the last 36 hours;

  • Waking up to sunshine
  • Having a walk on Skopelos
  • Seeing all the spring flowers
  • Getting THE music lunch at Karidia
  • Found a taxi to drive me home, thanks Kostis
  • Sleeping like a log
  • Sunshine morning again
  • Getting the replay of the Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing on TV
  • Getting messages and photos from an old boyfriend 


The couple who we loved so much, – he made my wooden rowing boat, he took me out fishing, they looked after me when mom was not there – once upon a time in “another life” on another island, south in Norway.

Life is short, enjoy it while you can!

Here are som photos;

Here is the map;

I love this walk, spesially the dirt-road down the Pefkia Valley.





It was just fantastic! Because there were not a lot of guests, the music sat down next to us, and I had the feeling that they played for me!!!! I could have sit there all night, but I knew the later it gets, the more difficult to get a taxi!

Some cuttings;




Norwegian lesson; I do not know a lot about birds, but I could see immedeately who is the wife on this photo!


“Tits and juice should be fresh/natural.”

Happiness is … To enjoy the small happenings in life …

Wish you a great week! Keep on smiling …



“Mother is only one!!!”

As many knows, mine was 92 the other day!


Here is her day;
Well, it was improvised, she did not want anything!
She was invited for lunch by our friends,
but said she had not the power for it!
So what to do?
I made gluten free waffles into a cake and went down for breakfast;

She put some jam on and loved it!

Then time for presents;


Little Ella does not have any money, but she found some on the road and could buy mom a Greek nail-file with owls on. Ira & Agapi had found a door mat with owls on on Amazon! Arnaki sent a Jordan – vet hvordan – owl tooth bruch with an owl on.
So “The Old Owl” got more for her big owl collection.
I have given up to count!

Then we went


Amazingly to find a baloon there,
mom thought I had put it there!!!

Afterwards we went home to mom and had lunch.
Then she said; I would love some ice cream!
I drove away and came back with 2 kilos of icecream!
Happy Birthday Kate!

Photos from the same day:


The spring is the best, nature is at its greatest!

Here comes the highlight of my “normal” week;


We just had a full moon;


Some cuttings;




Weather has been mostly nice the last days,
temps around 12 -14, +C of course.

I wish you a lovely weekend!
Remember to “Give a smile”!


Keep on walking …

I know it is a bit late, but anyway;


Beautiful weather for many days now,
but mostly not warm in the shadows,
just around 10-12.
Just now the rain started and we have +11.5C this
Wednesday morning at 08.30.

Ira and I am doing long, nice walks,
here is a good one;


The island of Evia in the background.
The numbers of the photos compares with numbers on the map.


A lovely walk, specially the dirt road down from the goat station. We had to take a detour, because hundreds of goats was on their way home, you can see it marked on the map. Except from the goats, we saw only birds. My phone said the walk was 8.45 km long! The time is not correct because we had to have a stop in Agnondas!

Cleaning up my photo storage, I found these 2 great women, the first Greek, the second Swedish, both my good friends. I often gives kyria Maria a lift, she has a kalivi just down from my home. Christina is a very regular Skopelos fan.




You can buy most things on Skopelos now, or order them online, but Norway still has a few things I need;


“Pølse med lompe” – wiener sausage with a flat kind of pie made of potatoes, I love it! And thanks to good friends I get a lot of them during the summer. This is my last package, but still 21 sausages left!

Some cuttings;




I see and pick up a lot,  many are  coffee cups and small paper bags from the bakeries, that people just throws out of the car window. BAD BAD BAD


Translation with a little help of Google;
“Learn not to be jealous of what others have …
They did not take it from you …”

One more Greek;

“I went to do some tests and they found
stones in my kidneys,
sand in my urine,
lots of asvestio..
I am not a human being..
I am betong!”

Have a lovely rest of the week! ;o)


Kaiki tragoudia!!!


Why this happens? Greek Reporter writes;

“Tzevelekos’ beloved boat was one of about 13,000 kaikia which have been deliberately destroyed since 1994, after a European Union directive called for the demolition of the small wooden fishing boats which Greek fishermen have used for centuries.

The directive aims at putting a stop to overfishing in the Mediterranean, and it applies to other Mediterranean countries as well.”

The full story at;

The Death of the Kaiki, Greece’s Traditional Fishing Boat

Gray days with …

Kalimera, ti kanis?

I make all text centered, so why
some are black and to the left side?


Photo from last sping,
the inside of a lovely poppy,
– the cross shaped poppy.

We have gray weather, lots of wind and
some few raindrops,
I am not complaining!
PS last night for our last trip out, it was wonderful,
quiet and very clear sky with lots of stars!

Here are some summer memories;

New forthe  summer of 2020;


I am sure you know Alonnisos is our naighbour island,
– where most of our excursion boats goes.

Second blue flower I have seen in 2020,
– and I play with frames on my phone;


I love playing with frames.
Do you know any good ones?

I do not have many new photos,
but some more cuttings;




How many cats do I have?
I have 4 which are allowed into my home to eat
and sleep, but not in the night.
Then I feed these

and some more!!!

Re last page about  the song “swdepse me”
– I got an message from VV and he said Ξóδεψé με,
a beautiful song with Dalaras, Eleanora & more,

What does it mean? Google says couple me!!!
One more message from VV, thanks a lot,
Ξóδεψé με means “spend me”.

More cuttings;


It makes me happy that I see more and more adds, or whatever to call it, in Greek media about being kind to animals. When I came here, most people was shoked to hear that my lovely German Shepard dog lived in the house with me.

Sorry, my cat, still missing!
If you know or have seen her,


Have a lovely rest of the week, and remember
days are getting lighter day by day …


Still dark …

I woke up early this morning,
before 6 and it was dark, but now 07.25 it is
light outside. The sun will be getting up at 07.43
and go down 17.24. Clearly the days are getting lighter.
+7,9C outside, and some few clouds in the horizon.
We are getting one of these days that makes the winter so nice!

On a walk in the forest of Amarondas outside Agnondas


Amazing sky!


Always I have to shoot Agnondas from this angle
when I walk up or down there, it is soooo beautiful!


I was so proud to see a son of Skopelos on ANT1 TV,
the actor;

“I waited for my grandfathers blessing to become an actor”

“The Theater is a “”Greek story” we must not forget that”

Dimitris Drossos was baptized in my 1st Skopelos summer 1983,
and I have known him
since then.
A very nice boy!
I was in Thessaloniki when he had his 1st main roll in Don Juan some years ago, amazing,  and I try to watch him on Greek OPEN TV every Sunday where he plays a Turk in the “To Kokkino Potami” – The Red River.
Bravo Dimitri!


Flovering now;



I feel so sorry for the flowers, since the weather
was so nice before Christmas
they thought the spring was coming …
They must freeze now, poor darlings!

From my home


My mom is always spoiling me and yesterday my Christmas gift arrived,
I was so curious, how would the carpet be?
I ordered it online!!!
“Synthetic wool (Polypropylene) is a man-made fibre, made up of tightly twisted yarns that give the rug a lively lustre. Polypropylene has a high resistance to wear and can withstand heat well. Rugs produced using polypropylene are ideal for people with allergies to, for example, natural materials. The material is antistatic which means it does not shed fibres or attract dust and is easy to clean.”
And I am so happy, it is great.
It is not an “real” expenceive carpet,
but perfect for my animals and me!
When my big dog Pasxa was alive, I gave up carpets, because she was melting so many short white hairs.

I saw the Woolf full moon;


I heard a nice song on the radios and wanted to look up the title,
here is Googles suggestions;


I was not sure, but for sure the 1st translation is not what I was looking for, I guess the last one is correct.
I got an message from VV and he said Ξóδεψé με,
a beautiful song with Dalaras, Eleanora & more,

What does it mean? Google says Couple me.
One more message from VV, thanks a lot,
Ξóδεψé με means “spend me”.

Lovely SUNDAY lunch at Karidia


The whole police forse of Skopelos where there, with wifes,
about 25 persons.
and in the end they cut the Vasilopita – cake.

And all customers had to go outside to smoke!!!
The law says that, and I was told that the owner will be fined 500,- € if the inspectors finds anyone smoking inside.
For sure here are less and less smokers inside!

One cutting today, from another of my favorite actors;


Wish you a lovely rest of the week …


+5,1C at 09.00 this morning


“Good year, full of health and many successes.”

received_991041281264702Το Ρóδι – Τα Ρóδια    To Rodi – Ta Rodia
Do you know of this Greek New Year tradition?
Greek City Times wrote;

“Pomegranate is an ancient red fruit, which has been the symbol of fertility, prosperity and regeneration for thousands of years in Greece and in Greek mythology.

During Christmas time in Greece you see pomegranates everywhere as most Greek households hang this rich fruit above the main entrance door of their house- some people also get the fruit blessed at Church before doing so.

A little before the clock strikes twelve- marking the advent of the New Year- it is custom to turn off all lights and for family members to step outside their home, symbolising the old year that has passed.

The family members then step in again with their right foot first after midnight. The person who enters immediately after the first footer, holds the pomegranate in their right hand and forces it against the door to smash it open.

It is said that the number of seeds that scatter around is proportional to the amount of good luck the family will receive within the upcoming year.  It is also believed that someone who gets a red spot on them by the fruit’s juice will be extremely lucky that year.

There are of course variations of this custom in different areas around Greece.”
Borrowed from

New Year’s tradition of smashing pomegranates

I have a Rodi tree, but it hates the winds up here.
Every spring there are small “rodia” growing but they never got time to be ready, the winds makes them fall off. I have moved it now and hopefully this year I will have some luck too!!!

Glimpses from our walks;


Look at this “door” between the cypress trees,
what has been there? Now it is only brumles,
but was it a gate or …

Summer memories;

IMG_20190906_101735 (2)

We are in another storm, the winds in the night kept me awake! Calmer now this morning, but not really warm. We still have electrisity, and that is great. I have lots of wood for my woodfire, plenty of food, also for cats and Ira, and drinks, and lovely candles. So I am prepared! I will soon drive down to mom and help her to clean up outside; flower pots fallen and broken, and much more.
Up here mostly ok, like I said I am prepared!


“The Greek dream is to have your own taverna and have your friends coming to eat with you!” – I just heard a Greek jude say this on i24 News.

Talking of flowers, here are some of “my” flowers of 2019;
IMG_20190505_073403IMG_20190505_103848IMG_20190506_115824IMG_20190519_161330IMG_20190524_190658IMG_20190526_172501IMG_20190526_174652IMG_20190528_181102 (1)

The beauty of nature is fantastic!

Screenshot_20190523_175709 (1)

Have a lovely week!


“God Romjul”

Kalimera sas!
My title today is Norwegian, ROMJUL is what we call the periode between Christmas and New Year. Do you have a word for that?


Out walking on Boxingday. A bit chill in the air but lovely.
This morning (27th) at 7-ish it was only +9.1C up here.

Many flowers out;



Our to “my” Christmas;


Is this photo better than last years?


I dont know!

Here is another from this year;


I love Christmas and the traditions!
Here are some pics from the last days;


Christmas Eve lunch with Mom and the OliveGrove boys,
100 % Norwegian, well + 3 Greek dogs ;o)
Did not get a photo of any of them,
the main photo was the ham!
My lovely Swedish Christmas Ham
that I cure for 4 weeks and make all by myself!

And not to forget the

33aedaff-ca98-4468-b22f-e61e95253bf6Tusen takk til Anne Kristin og Arild i Norge

Christmas Dayec5cd904-3285-48fd-b515-d3f052f5ec5b632648f9-9c42-4006-ba69-1760edd124069da44dfc-2b68-4452-aeed-8b0d5abb1901 was more Brithish, even Mince Pies, sooo good!


Hope you had a good Christmas too, with the best wishes for the rest of the year from me to you, – here comes a lovely photo


Have a lovely time, and give us a smile!