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Christmas in Vienna III & more …

My favoritt Christmas CD;


Made in Vienna 22nd of December 1994
The Alte Winterreitschule in Messepalast
with our Norwegian golden voice Sissel Kyrkjebø
and those 2 very famous international stars!
I just love it!
That is Christmas to me!


We have had some fantastic days, but last 24 hours we have had a thunderstorm and more than 55 mm of rain!

What is Greek Christmas music?

The most famous caroll is
Καλην Εσπεραν Αρχοντες
– I think!

I found this on YouTube

Nice to see some of the Greek Christmas traditions.
BUT Greeks celebrates more “Proto Xronia” (1st of the year) than Christmas.

I have seen during the years that Christmas is coming more and more into the Greek life. My 1st Christmas here was nearly NOTTHING,
except from what I made at home!
And Christmasdays lunch at the old home of Kostas & Voula, Ploimisti Shop. The big tray of pork Kostas had to get from Mitsis bakery. People who did not have an oven at home, could make their food at the bakers after the breads was ready.

One of my Greek Christmas traditions is:


The Christmas tree mostly on islands, where a boat,
and that is getting back more and more.

In Thessaloniki it is a boat;

“Do you prefer a Christmas tree or a Christmas boat?

The decoration of the Christmas tree is not a Greek habit. It is said that the first Christmas tree in Greece was introduced and decorated by the Bavarian king Otto in 1833. In Greece, according to the tradition, we decorate a boat, mainly on the islands. The boat symbolizes the maritime identity of the country. Greeks, a seafaring nation, of course, combined the celebration of Christmas with the sea. The decoration of the ship was also a kind of honor and welcome to the sailors returning home to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Children used to make their own boat, using wood and paper and then decorate them with colorful fabrics, cotton and twigs. On Christmas Eve, children are singing carols from house to house, having with them the handmade boats and filling them with the treats they received.

Unfortunately, this custom of decorating a boat disappeared over the years and the Christmas tree replaced it. However, in the last decade, we see that the boat becomes very popular again as Christmas decoration, on the islands as well as in Athens and all over Greece.”  This is from

Last Sunday we had a Christmas bazar here, lots of people and loud music, here is the day after:


Last days photos;


Now Wednesday at 10.30 it is 13,6 C outside, dark clouds and I hear som “buldering” from the thunder fare away. I guess rain to come again.

I better post this and close the internet,
thunder is indeed coming!




Kalimera, ti kanis?

Looking back;


We had some days with bad weather,
and I find it nice to light my woodfire
and some candles.
Perfect for


I love decorating for Christmas!IMG_20191205_120130c



Can you read the sign?

The green beauty of Skopelos;

Some time ago & a card I made;


It was unforgettable to visit the farm of Amanda and Stathis in Skyros, and to be around the horses.

View from the air of Agios Georgios, small & big, and then our lovely Skopelos. To the right Alonnisos. PS I learned to spell it with double “n s”.

FB_IMG_1575533717824What day is it?
It is today
Oh, that’s my favorite day!


“Running is good for the health.
Especially when you run away from fake and unkind people.”


Wish you all the very best and keep on smiling ;o)



New colors both here and in my home!
For me the colors of Christmas is first of all red,
then green and gold!
Blue will disappear for a Christmas-while!!!


Top photo from Volos of the amazing Santa, Rudolph and more on their way to give joy to all the children of the world, I hope!

I will find a Skopelos Christmas top soon!

Here is my latest photos;

Narcissus on the 30th of November,
that is early!


Cat guarding my friends house!


My “Nisser” (Santas) from Norway,
I love them and they have been given me over the years by good friends, they all have names and memories.
It started years ago at Beate and Sveins home in Oslo …

The tablecloth I made with cross stiches in 1993,
when I “came back” to Skopelos Christmases.
I did a lot of cross stiches things, in the good old days, befor I got a compeuter!!!

The blue Nisse had an accident last year, broke his leg,
and another now, so he is not here anymore,
just his bits and pieces!!!
I glued him last year, but no I think it is not poss this time!
Sooooo sorry! He has gone to sleep;


All the best from Skopelos were it was 11,2 early morning.
Yesterdays wind has calmed down and it is partly clouded.

Wish you a good week!
Remember just a smile could bright up somebodies day!



Så tenner vi ett lys i dag …
Today we light one candle …

Καλή Ελευση & Καλό μήνα
Good Advent & Good Month

“Kali Elefsi” is not used much, but I love to use it!!!

I love the advent tradition, for the coming 3 Sundays many of us will light one more light, so finally we light 4 lights on the last Sunday before Christmas


The color should be lilac/purple so my red and white candles
up here might be wrong, – but it is from years ago …
For me it is the warmth of the flame that is “the thing”!


Mom and me went to



Volos is “our” city, on the mainland inside of Skiathos, at the bottom of the Pelion range, a bit less than 150.000 inhabitants.



A lovely city who is getting more and more famous for its Christmas decorations! This year the Flying Santa with the sledge and the reindeers was new,
very, very impressive!


I always take a morning walk in the fishing port where they are selling fresh fish from the boats / “Ta Kaiikia”. Mostly men buying! I saw one woman selling.

I have to go to the Noodle Bar when I am in Volos, to eat some not Greek food. Mom had a very fresh crispy salad with avocado and smoked salmon with a delicious lemon sauce while I had a Peking Duck, just fantastic!


My car had a service and the EU control, good feeling that the car is “fresh”!!!


We checed our eyes, getting new glasses, some shopping
(I found lilac candles at Tiger)
and then IKEA in Larissa we bought Jubla candles,
5.99 for 20. But they got it obly in white.
AND we got Swedish herring, marinated salmon,
cloudberrie, cranberries and much more.
We are ready for CHRISTMAS!!!



27th of November …



Tiden flyr … eller er det
Tiden kommer …?

Time is running … or is it
Time is coming …?

What I am trying to say is that I cant believe that it is soon December and Christmas! The autumn is over or …

I have one problem!!! I try to make all text here blue and centered, but “somebody” makes it black and to the left side, “Ta na kanw?”


Bougainvilleas all over town are doing very well at the moment!


The last week we have had all kinds of weather,
sun, rain, thunder, lightnings and some wind.
It has been down to +13,5C in the night,
but sometimes up to 20 daytime.
Now at 17,30 I can still see outside but soon it will be dark.
(17.45 DARK outside!)
Sun  went up today at  07.20, but that I do not see, the “Monastery Hill” blocks that. Sunset behind my home was at 17.04. It has been a lovely day. Ira and I were walking in the sunshine …


We often walk down the valley Pefkias – Potami,
it is so green, quiet and beautiful,
We see and hear lots of birds.
Look at this;

Costas takes great photos and I love his comment up here!

Good summer memories;

IMG_20190612_152320 (1)IMG_20190612_114531IMG_20190612_112404
It is always good to dream of trips with Ena,
The Mythical Boat!

When I was at Skyros I saw these;

IMG_20191002_171552 (1)IMG_20191002_171654

Caper flowers, and they are indeed beautiful!
When they are buds, they are the pickeled capers we know.
They grow here too!


I love BLUE ;o)

Some info;




Great idea!!!

Some animal cuttings;


I wish you a very nice weekend!
Take care and give a smile ;o)

PS now Thursday 28th at 8 in the morning it is beautiful and sunny outside, no wind, +14,5 and daylight. Looks like a lovely day.
Hope you get one too!


Still +18 outside!


It is getting better around Amarondas, outside Agnondas, but “siga siga”.
Lots of greens are growing up from the ground, it will heal itself.

AND we were lucky, no people died, – the day after the big fire outside Athens started, where many people lost their life!!!
Some says the patron saint of Skopelos, Agios Reginos, protected us, – again!

Until now a very mild autumn, 18,3 now at 16,50.

Well, it became under 20 inside and I longed to see the fire!

Looking out now; very gray, I think bad weather
is coming! Good I have plenty of fire-wood!!!

A bit more from the nature now;


Most probable a shag!

In town today;


Summer memories;

IMG_20190608_210747IMG_20190608_213705 (1)

With Tina and Mathilde we always goes to Prodromos at Aktaion,
and I love the “Pirats Dish”


We also love Swell, – its not bad with a cold, cold Mythos!!!


I am so lucky, so many of my old collages are visiting every summer.
Up here is Kari Anne & “Dr” Knardahl alias Anetta!!!

Some cuttings;



End of this page, and soon end of this week!
Hope you will have a great weekend!

One more photo from Sunday lunch at Karidia;



Happy Birthday

Nice birthday lunch with Norwegian friends
Marte&Aage, Kjell&Frode, mom
and our doggies at my place.

Time just passes …
I do not believe that I just became 69 years old!
“A sexy number!” – a good friend said!

The end of my birthday was like this;

Since time is passing so fast,
I did not have time to get some new photos ready,
so I give you some photos from earlier this year;

IMG_20190530_121530IMG_20190612_100400IMG_20190612_100229IMG_20190529_154123IMG_20190614_154544 (1)IMG_20190614_155646IMG_20190530_164043 (1)IMG_20190515_130654IMG_20190530_171954IMG_20190531_191400IMG_20190602_102423IMG_20190602_170101 (1)IMG_20190614_180530

Ending up with some cuttings;


Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Take care and keep on giving a smile …


Lovely November days

This underwater photo is from a summers day out with Mythical boat Ena,
(Ena gives the best boattrip out of Skopelos, if you ask me!).
Here is more about Ena:

“Initially crafted in the renowned Psarros shipyard in 1961, in Perama area of Piraeus and totally restored in 2010 by Thodoris Tsikis at Psarros shipyard.
This beautiful wooden yacht called “Ena”, has all the advantages of a traditional “Trehantiri” hull design, plus the necessary comforts and facilities needed for yachting & diving.
Her excellent stability and design are ideal for cruising the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean with safety and grace.”

More at

IMG_20190906_101735 (2)Mom, Ira & Agapi loves a trip with Ena!

Over to November;

IMG_20191102_130747cI love the autumn clear light! Like silver light into the sun!

Out walking “on the other side”!

Still looks bad, more on that another day!



IMG_20191102_132555cActually it was 3 mothers and some children on the beach,
having fun, and a picnic!

IMG_20191102_131308cIMG_20191101_144057cIMG_1041last photo from moms garden.
Unbelievable that it is November, the other day I woke up to +20!
It was south winds.
Friday morning; lightly clouded, quiet, +16,9C and
it came 8 mm of rain in the night.

Except from walking I am



I am a November girl!!! Happy to say that a good friend sent this to me!!!




My translation;
“Happiness does not have to be to climb to the top of the ladder…
but to stop on a layers where one has a good time.”

Just now it is dark outside, so here is an earlier night photo;





Καλό Νοέμβριο Καλό μήνα

Good November – Good month
As I always say, the Greeks are good at greetings,
they have one for all occasions.

Photo taken by Lisa og eller Oddvar, tusen takk!


OXI day:


Kyr Phillipos & kyria Soula with son Kostas Psathas


Always nice dansers and many “extra” singers!

I love Sunday looong lunches with music,
I loved the OXI days Monday music lunch too ;o)

Then came Haloween;

I love to play with all the “things” that are inside my phone!!!
I do not cellebrathe Halooween
but making the photos was fun enough!
No “drink or eat” or was it “Trick or sheet!!!”

Over to something not so nice;
We do have a bus servise,
good for the schoolchildren who lives outside,
but if one like to go to the beach and stay
some hours?


I am glad I have a car, I have to,
because the busses can not get up to where I live!

You know the Beatles song;
“The fool on the hill”
A shot cut from the lyrics:
“But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning ’round”

PS – the song is not about me, I am a she,
I see the sunrise and I do no drugs.
I love my retsina though!!!
What happens in my head,
– I will not tell you!!!

Oh Beatles, oh Beatles LOL LOL LOL

We need some beauty;

This bougainvillea on the “inside” way up to the top,
Kastri/Anatoli, is so fantastic.
It is white, but has many pink/cylamen shades.
Sooooo beautiful!

One can pic from the nature now;

Do you see the ducks? We did not pic them,
but Ira really wanted the chase them!
for many is a sad story. Up here we have many
but they are invaded by the olive fly.
So many does not even bother to pic,
it will be a waste of time
and it is cheaper to buy the oil!!!

I know I just mentned olives here the other day, but it is a big concern for the Greeks, olives are so important.

AN OLIVE starts out green and the longer it stays on the tree, the darker it gets.. Very dark, kind of blueish/brown are the ready ones.
You may pick them green but best i probaly befor they get too dark,
that is for oil. For the salad yu may pic them anytime and cure them.

They all orginates from the same,  but all depends where they grow.
The olivetree is a very rough tree and can live long without water.

I feed about 20 cats behind my home.

SORRY is still missing, where is she?


I am trying to “clean” up my photos and many nice turns up. Unfortunately we lost Norwegian Mamma Rugel and her husband Ole Arne resently, they used to love Skopelos. And we them! RIP!
Arne is still going strong!
He left a short while ago!

A strange mix of cuttings;






Keep well, go for a walk!

Have a wonderful November
and a good rest of the weekend!




NOT MY PHOTO,  found it on FaceBook!

Good morning, hope it is a good one!
Here it is beautiful sunshine, +18 at 09.00,
and that is very important for all the parades
to be made today.

If you want to read more on the Oxi Day,
please click on my page:επέτειος-του-οχι/

Επετειος του «Οχι»

Καλή εβδομάδα