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Bus & Taxi

UPDATED 1/11-2019

The bus goes from Skopelos town via Stafilos, Agnondas, Panormos, Elios to Loutraki, down of Glossa,
 BUT some busses in the high season goes only to the beach,
so read on the front of it!




It was like this in the high season 2018:


Enjoy Skopelos ;o)



It costs € 4,80 in the beginning of 2018
on the bus from Skopelos to Loutraki,
an about 1 hours drive along the length of Skopelos,
ca 35 km ;o)))  Lowest fare 1,60 €

You may take a taxi, they are not too expensive.
You can ask the driver if he will come back for you,
they are mostly reliable, but get his/her card, just in case!

Taxi drivers are often resting at Dokos, across the street, or out walking. If there is taxi parked at the station, the driver is somewhere around.

180615 023c

Some taxi-drivers numbers;
+30 6944 132143 Andreas
+30 6945 999569 Anthi
+30 6944 843738 Kostis
+30 6945 149342 Thanassis
+30 694 4820468 Panagiotis Sklavos and
+30 697 4872362 – he also may drive in the evening

+30 6975 778547 Stamatis, Elios

+30 6944 734024 Glossa

The taxies of Skopelos should all have a taxameter and they should give you a receipt. It costs extra if you call for a taxi. It is more expensive after 2300 hrs.

If you HAVE TO take a taxi to get home at night, BOOK IN ADVANCE!
Find your private driver …


Kalo Mina

Hope you can see that this is Skopelos, photo taken from the morning ferry Proteus, a Saturday morning in the summer on my way to Skiathos.

Καλό μήνα και καλή εβδομάδα

Good month & good week
is today 1st of February`s greeting.

160130 005c
2 of the most photographed boats in the old harbor,
belonged to 2 old boys who are no longer with us;
Angelos & Takis from Ta Kimata.
They are named TOLMIROS


daring, bold, dashing, risque, hardy, desperado

We were at Ta Kimata on Friday night;

I love the salad with rocca, beetroots and orange,
I also love Greek music – and I love when we can sit close
to the music and listen, even better in good company.

Bacoa, Kifisia, Athens – a new Latin American restaurant where
chef Rigas, from Ta Kimata,works in the winter.
You are welcome.

160131 057
3 places in Skopelos had live music this weekend,
amazing in the middle of the winter.
I love my Skopelos winter.

160131 021c
The sun is out, maybe 17C in the shadow, let`s go for coffee at Platanos.


160130 007
I like this, that the company I work for says that these 2 photos is the reel Greece, photos from Skopelos, not from any of their other destinations!
160130 009c
Every day more and more flowers shows up.
160131 026c
The Norwegians on Skopelos, – only mom not there.
160131 023c
Silje also loves Greek music
160131 039c
Ella Thanassis
160131 022c
I love this too – it is mostly served at Easter time.


160130 006c
Φασολάδα – I love the fasolada too – been soup



160130 020c
I passed a closed house and I thought this mix was great!





160128 088c
“Sendoukia, roman period rock graves” wrote Diamanti Sampson in SKOPELOS, Glossa, EDITION OF THE NEWSPAPER NORTHERN SPORADES. I bought the book here in 1993.

160128 094c
“The Sendoukia are the four sarcophagal holes one of which is uncompleted, chiseled into the mountain top, complete with their boulder lits next to them. They were discovered in the last century. Some support the theory that the graves dates back to the Neolithic era, because they resemble similar graves, found in Stira on Euboia, which have been dated back to that era. They could equally be early Christian, as their size corresponds to that of the Roman tombs at Selinous.” – wrote Vassilis Tomanas in July 1993 in his book
SKOPELOS Guide to the island. ISBN: 960-8480-07-8 – I think booth books are difficult to find for sale.

160128 095c

We took a Norwegian friend up there and she was also fascinated,
I always get that when I am up there.

Photo from last week, Delphi the highest, Sendoukia to the right.


160128 112c

160128 106c
It is a short walk up through the forest, from the road going up
to Delphi, the highest mountain of Skopelos.


160128 186c

1.79 km with the return, we used nearly one hour, but we had many photo stops.

160128 098c
Alonnisos from the middle and to the left at the back, the rest is Skopelos. Skopelos town is behind the highest peak you see slightly right in front here.

Pasxa & I had walked from home and up past Anania, we did over 12 km today.
here are some flowers I shot;

and a poor dead bird
160128 066c

160128 177c
We had a great day ;o)




If you like to have a closer look at Skopelos, visit the webcams;

When/if you want to see this page again,
you just go to the left here and click on WebCams,
– on most phones it will be at the bottom of the page.

Whatever weather – summer will be back;


A not Greek song, but a song I love;
Summertime and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Your daddy’s rich and your ma is good lookin’
So hush, little baby, don’t you cry

One of these mornin’s, you’re gonna rise up singin’
you’re gonna spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky
But ’til that mornin’, there is nothin’ can harm you
With Daddy and Mummy, Mummy standing by
Don’t you, don’t you cry

Read more: Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Better listening to it


2016 SNOW

30th of December we had a dash of snow
Up here at Raches it was 1 cm high and lasted for 1 hour,
but up in the mountains it stayed a bit more.
Mortero had much more than us!


Over to 19th of January 2016


Sne 075c

Kalispera! I just could not wait until Friday to put of my snow picks! Up here in Raches we lost the electricity Monday in the morning, and got it back Tuesday around 14.00. It was OK, but when Vodafone, that I have for my mobile and WiFi, stopped working, I was not so happy. Need to talk to mom twice a day, luckily I have friends with an OTE landline.


The snowing started Monday morning, but it was not frost here,
lowest was +2,4C. All day it was snowing.

We do have snowmen in Greece too!
This was close to Agia Polemistra

Sne 009c

190116_28cThe electric and phone lines was full of snow, as you can see up here,  & we had to be very carfull not walking under them, because it was icy what fell down from them.
1st time in life for that!

Sne 028cAt Agia Paraskevi the pergola had fallen down, due to heavy snow.
Sne 027c
And a tree was fallen.

The snow was white, beautiful and silent!

My cats loves the fireplace ;o)


PS, it started raining Tuesday evening, and still is now
Wednesday morning, and +4,4C was the lowest in the night and now 5,5, so no frost. No frost is good for driving, in Norway we use special winter tires, who works on sleet and ice, here we use the same tires all year.






New page Friday, if I am not snowed in!!!

It started snowing Monday morning, but it has not been below +2,4C up here at Raches. The roads are full of slut and if it freezes in the night it will be very dangerous. I just had a walk with Pasxa. White beautiful world.


We lost the electrisity around nine and up here we might not get it back today! A tree has made some damage. Finily our generator is working, so I can load my phone and most of all run the deepfreezer! Still have some Norwegian food in there, and other snacks from here. In town the electrisity is back.

I have the woodfire on, lots of candles, read with a torths-light and drinking my tea. I cook on gas, I love it, and of course it works without electrisity!



Skopelos 15/1

I will try to put up a new page every Tuesday and Friday mornings from now on!

160115 027c
Photo from Friday 15th.

Now Saturday noon it is gray here, windy and +16C, but bad weather is coming. No complain, we have had great weather all this year.

160115 044c

Last night I heard this great trio, and again I was the last to leave a music event, because I love this music. In Skopelos now we have 2 places with live music, amazing!
We had nice food as well, lots of water and a dash of retsina!

160115 042c— and a blue door, I love BLUE!

Small photos; They are fixing up, real good, what I call “The Disco Street”, the street that goes from Platanos Square, passing the post-office and ending at the beginning of the RingRoad.
What is happening with the childrens playground?

160115 031
I made a winter jam with dried figs, prunes, cranberries, raisins, some bitter oranges and lots of spices;  cinnamon, ginger, star anise and-and, and a bit of fresh chilly from the Mortero garden.
Got an proximate receipt from SK, a Norwegian friend,
and worked on that.
My favorite food at home for the moment is a slice of dark home made bread with a thin layer of that jam, some greens picked from my garden and topping up with some wonderful edam cheese, could it be better?

And I walk it all off;
160115 003c

Some of the flowers on my path;

Saturdays lunch; PØLSE OG LOMPE med IDUNS senep
– in other words Norwegian hotdog with thin pita and mustard.
all thanks to the good friends who brought it here ;o)

— and SKI on TV —

Keep on skiing, I will keep on walking …


Skopelos 13th January

160113 024c
Seams like we are having the “Alkionides Meres”
160113 027c
Used to be the “apotiki” of Kastani

The photo up right says that water is the drink for me!
OK I drink a lot of water, and of course if I should choose only one thing to drink, it will be water, but to enjoy myself I do like wine. Retsina in the summer, preferable with ice, and red in the winter.


Yesterday we walk a path that I never walked before!!!
1st time for everything – life is to learn!

I have lived here for more or less 32,5 year.
Some people says they know Skopelos after one week …
I walk every day …
We started at the Y-junction where the road goes down to Glisteri beach, we took left, and after a while we took right, – the road to Kalogeros & the garbage place. The path starts just as you reach the garbage place, well hidden, and with lots of garbage at the start. We lost the path every now and then, but we managed to get down to the Glisteri valley. It will not be any of my favorite walks, but it was nice to have done it.