1st time …

160110 003c
Great lunch as usual, but the end of the day was even greater …
160110 006c
What a sight!
160110 007c
Specialtie, is fished only now!
160110 008c
The twins and their cousin having fun
160110 013c
Here comes my 1st time; all guests had left, only me still there and Panagiotis let his sons sing with him.


160110 014c
Sorry wrong, this is also Ioannis on daddies lap!

I had 3 songs with only me as audience, what a privilege!

Then I “flew” up the hill to Raches, singing …
I do not drink and drive, – and I did have some retsina ;o)

Sunny is Skopelos today, now at 10.30 we have +15 in 100% shadow, just great!

160110 002c

Have a lovely day!


Dream …


Agios Dimitrios, Alonnisos
Amarondas, Skopelos
Photo by “Nissi” Wleugel
From FaceBook – sooo beautiful – not much to do with Skopelos!

Lightly gray weather today +13,5 at ten this morning. Time for a walk with Pasxa and then music lunch at Molos, I hope!

I am making this page on my iPad, it is easier on my big PC but this I could not do with my old web-site, so this is an improvement, too. Now I can make a new page wherever I am, great!

Back at my HP “big” PC and it is easier to edit,
but fun anyway!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Also by Nissi, Amarondas

All photos in this mix are mine.
My favorite summer “thing” is out with Ena,
the wooden boat – I love it!
Also I love Agnondas, and if I get live music
and lobster spaghetti, what can be better?

I called this page Dream –
and I hope these photos makes you dream!


Walk, flower & a BlueBottle

160109 018cWaking up to this beautiful day was just fantastic!

Then I saw this;
160109 034

So as soon as I could Pasxa and me went out walking,
here is our root;
160109 074c
7,5 km who took us a bit less than 2 hours,
took time to admire the view and photograph.
Small dotted line is a small path, bigger dotted is dirt road.

and that was some of the flowers we saw.

+13,7C now as highest of the day, in 100% shade,
lowest in the night 9,2.


160109 059c

At  my doorstep a half-dead, big blue-back fly,
I think it is a Blue Bottle fly .

Over to something more that caught my attention on Facebook;

The children are saying;
OK Now we have taken off the clothes,
and I climbed on top of you.
But how long time untill we get that
“o-thing”, do you think?
No idea, but now I understand
why my mom always has a head ace.


Thank You!

150615 026cB
Thanks a lot to all of you for all
greetings for the new year
and more!

I am so happy with this new site at WordPress so I will try to update several days a week. Please tell me if you have any suggestions or questions.

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Today I will just give you some lovely photos
from some time ago;

Just up from the church of Papameletiou, on the way up to the Ringroad.


A wonderful man, – keep on playing, Panagiotis! I met him many summer Saturdays in Skiathos, where he had performed.
Stella Taverna on the way down to Glifoneri – the most Greek old fashioned taverna of them all! I love it!


A town OWL ;o) The Faneromeni churchtower in the background.
Many years ago on the way out of Elios

Have a good day!
Here the sun is shining, +11,3 this morning, and a bit of wind.

 The  last 24 hours in 100% shadow we had a minimum of 10,2
and max yesterday up here was 14,3.
We go Kastani and then lunch somewhere in Glossa/Loutraki.


7th of January Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis – O Prodromos
7th of January name-day of Prodromos –
John the Baptist – Johannes Døperen

Ἰωάννης ὁ βαπτιστής – Πρόδρομος

From the now famous church of Agios Ioannis-
– Mamma Mia Church


Namedays of; Γιάννης, Τζαννής, Τζανής, Γιαννιός, Γιάννος, Γιάνναρος, Γιανναράς, Γιάνγκος, Γιανγκούλας, Γιαννάκης, Γιάγκος, Ζαννέτος, Ζαννέτα, Ζανέτ, Ιωάννης, Ιωάννα, Ιβάνα, Βάνα, Βάννα, Πρόδρομος, Προδρομάκης, Μάκης, Προδρομία, Γιάννα, Γιαννούλα, Γιανγκούλα, Γιανκούλα

Pro in Greek is in front, before,
and dromo is road, meaning a forunner.
(Skopelitissa; very easy to recognize the
icon of Ag. Ioannis, because he is always

painted with two heads.)

Here you see the church – just outside of Glossa.

This church normaly celebrates the nameday
on the 29th of August when it is believed
Prodromos was beheaded.

Prodromos birthday is on the 24th of June.

Agia Varvara in front, Prodromos in the back
in «the monastery hill», opposite Skopelos town

From Wikipedia, Prodromos
(the Greek for “forerunner”) may be:

Χρόνια σας Πολλά ❣️


Ta Fota – Epiphany

Τα Άγια Θεοφάνεια – Τα Φώτα

from Greek theo “god” & phainein “to show”

A day always celebrated on the 6th of January!

Tom Stone’s Greek Handbooks,
by Lycabettus Press, says;
“In the Orthodox Church, this commemorates not the coming of the Magi but the baptism of Christ in the Jordan.
Thus, the central event of the day is the blessing of the waters, an extremely important ritual in such a
sea-faring nation.
All over Greece, priests and parishioners gather by the nearest body of water (the sea, a river, a lake) which the priest blesses and then into which he throws a cross.”

060116_36c… and there will be boys diving in to catch the cross,
here always from a boat.

“Many Christians around the world annually celebrate Epiphany on January 6. It is a public holiday in many countries and marks two events in Jesus Christ’s life, according to the Christian Bible. The first event was when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. The second event was when St John the Baptist baptized Jesus.”
that was from http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/greece/epiphany

This is the only day of the year that you can, should,
fire your rescue lights and you will not get a fine.
Its about time to renew them anyway!


Today 5/1-2016

160105 003c

Got visitors from Alonnisos and went for a drive,
1. stop Drakontoskisma, dedicated to the islands patron saint;

160105 106c
Nicely decorated for Christmas

– between Stafilos and Agnondas

 Then on to Agnondas where they were working at Koraly Taverna, that was very damaged by the flood in September.

Birger is an old Norwegian friend and his wife Eleni is from Ukraine, and they live in the Old Village of Alonnisos.

We met in the morning, had coffee at Gikas Bakery & Cafè,
later lunch at Ta Kimata and coffee at Karavia.

It was a lovely day and we were for once
6 Norwegians on the island!


Rainfall for 2015 & 2016

I started to measure rainfall in August 2007,
55 mm came in one evening, amazing!

NB New “frame” will come soon for 2017,
from 24.00 untill 08.35 came 30 mm of rain!
Will it be a rainy year?
2016 had 916 mm of rain while
2015 had 1385 mm – the most rainfull year I ever measured!

To see my measures 2007-2015 go to

“I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.”
Charles Chaplin

Rainfall 2015 2016      
January 65 69      
February 122 70,5      
March 338 187,5      
April 21  24,5      
May 60 53      
June 114 74      
July 0  0  July is the driest month    
August 125 57      
September 257 65      
October 212  56,5      
November 22 202      
December 49  57      

Year total




Rainfall day by day 2016

Rest of the months are a bit further down
January MM  February  MM  March  MM
.3-4/1 4   4-5/2  8  3-4/3 2
.6-7/1 5   5-6/2  28  4-5/3 1,5
17-18/1 8  10-11/2   1,5  9-10/3 92
 18-19/1  12  12/2   2  12-13/3  5
 19-20/1 10  14-15/2   4  13-14/3 62
 20-21/1  18  19-20/2   1 ca 18/3   8
22-22/1  6  20-21/2   26 22-24/3   3
 23/1  3     25/3 4
 24-25/1  3   27/3 10

APRIL  mm  MAY  mm  JUNE  mm
9-10/4  8  5/5  26  7/6  59
10-11/4  11  5-6/5  2  25-26/6  15
 ?/4  5  12/5  1    
 29/4  0,5  17-18/5  2    
     20-21/5  9    
             JULY              0  21-23/5  13    
 13/8              52  Pr 05.00 7/9   2  24 hrs
 13/8               5  Daytime  19/9  3  daytime
       22/9  33  nighttime
 OCTOBER      “”  15  daytime
 7-8/10  18  late evening  26-27/9  12 24 hrs
 11/10  17  morning      
 12/10  0,5  morning  NOVEMBER    
 ca 17/10  8  ikke notert  ?/11  2,5  
 22/10  13  Morning, day 9/11   4  daytime
       10/11  2  
 DECEMBER      14-15/11  20  
 13/12  5  Afternoon  15-16/11  22  
 15-16/12  20  Night  16/11  18
25/12   2  Late afternoon 26-27/11   2 Night 
 28-29/12  21  8 hrs + hail  27-28/11  8,5  24 hours
 29-31/12  9  36 hrs  28-29/11  50  36 hrs
 and a dasj of snow      29/11  45  11 hrs
 31/12  3    29-30/11  28  24 hrs
 For the big          
 total of all          
 the years I           
 have been           
 measuring  please  shroll  down!    
skopelos churches greece


Smak & Behag

Tinas mat - og annet snadder

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